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Welcome To Dave's Cave

Welcome to my little place in cyberspace. I call this place the Cave because caves are where one can find peace and solitude, to freely search the recesses of the mind, and reminisce in the days of old. These memories of yesteryear we shall call "treasures". Now, caves, like the mind, can also hold all sorts of "treasures". ( Get the analogy yet? )

OKAY...OKAY...Enough of the yadda...yadda...yadda, come along, a little deeper into my Cave and we shall get started on our "trip"

As you have surfed through the 'net, you have undoubtedly come across some items that have sparked a memory or two. Some good, some bad, but memories none the less. This page will, hopefully, stir up those memories with each visit. Being of the "Flower Power" or "Hippy" generation there are certainly a lot of memories to share.

Okay, now, here at the "Cave Entrance" you will find the links, in this case the "trail", to follow into the deep, dark, recesses of the mind where the real "treasures" are hidden. And just to let you know, some of the links may contain a bit of educational material. ( MOM said that you had to learn at least one new thing each day or that day was a loss ) HEY! Just doing my part! :)

Please remember to sign the guestbook before you leave and let me know if I missed anything that should be intertwined in the mix.


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