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The Contraption

BEST PASS: 11.76 @ 113.76mphfont>

Welcome to the home of "The Contraption." Most of the info here is about my car, and not me. Want to know more about me? Sign my guestbook, leave your E-mail addy or ICQ number and we'll talk.

"The Contraption, " my 1986 Plymouth Horizon. That may not seem like the quintesential HotRod, but she gets the Mustang boys' panties in a bunch. It started out as an economical car to drive to high school and college, but after trying out bracket drag racing, I felt the need for more power. Eventually it evolved into the machine you see right here.

My father, Joe Marra Sr, and my brother Joe Jr., have put much of their time and effort into this project. All of the fabrication, machining, and welding was done in our own two car garage. The only things that were done outside of our own facilities was the engine machine work, the cyl head porting and valve job, and the turbocharger upgrade.

The December 2000 issue of Mopar Muscle Magazine, featured Dyno Results from Chryslers @ Carlisle '00! The results: 227 HP and 352 lb ft of torque!

Modifications to my Horizon

*The heart of the beast.

I'm a proud founding member of...

Here is a link to our siteThe Delaware Valley Shelby-Dodge Automobile Club

The Latest Edition to the family.

This is my 2004 SRT-4. Its quite nice as a daily driver. It moves pretty good. Getting a launch is the tough part. While it's not nearly as quick as the Horizon, it's alot more refined, and fun in the twisties!

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