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~~Thanks to Angelfire, who deleted, wiped out, F***ed up my original SRV web site, I am forced to re do the whole thing. Please visit back when it is finished! But for now, enjoy what I do have here!! thanks....~Cat...~~

~Pride and Joy~
My personal experience

~With a sad, but wonderously happy tear in my eye~ I remember the first time that I saw Steveie Ray Vaughan. It was the summer of 1994, at the Mann Music center, in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.
I went with a friend from school and her boyfriend. I only went along for the ride, I had never really even heard of him before that. But... I must admit that it was the best concert I had EVER been to...
We were the fourth row from the front... Watching his fingers fly, his hands melding into the neck of his guitar, caressing it, like making love to it...
One guitar sticks out in my memory, the old, worn Stratocaster that he called Number One... His first wife. The finish so lovingly played right off of the wood.
It's funny, sitting here, thinking about this, brings back all the memories of that night, the smells, sounds... I was 17 at the time, and I would do anything to be that age again, sitting there, watching Stevie playing, singing... But we all must grow up now don't we? I'm almost 32 years old now, but this is one experience that will stay burned in my memory forever.
Just like the day I heard on a local rock station that he had been killed in that helicoptor accident. At first I thought it was some kind of joke. Then I heard the DJ's voice breaking up, he was starting to cry and I knew in my heart that it was true.
Ever since that first and only concert, I have been a true, die hard SRV fan, losing myself in his music every chance I get...
So please, look through this page, enjoy the pictures, links,midis and memories that I have written. And (taking a line from a Meatloaf song) always remember that The angels had guitars even before they had wings... Surely Stevie is up there with his now...


~Pride And Joy~

~Cold Shot~

~Come On~


~Love Struck Baby~

~Mary Had A Little Lamb~

~Texas Flood~