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JUNE 19, 1998... ARE YOU READY FOR THE TRUTH??? And was it what we expected?


I have decided to dedicate a separate page to the X-Files... And clear up some space on my main page...
Also dedicating this to my Favorite Partner...You know who you are...*KISS*
If you know me, you know that I am a Hard Core X-Phile... Missing nothing... Well, almost nothing...*laughing*
For starters, I've been watching since the beginning, missing only 3 episodes... My favorite being in this order...
1.Syzygy... Just have to love the spunk of those girls!!

2.War of the Coprophages... "Her name is BAMBI???"
3.Darkness Falls...Beware of little glowing bugs!
4.Our Town...Makes you wanna never eat chicken again
5.The Three Parter...Anasazi...BlessingWay and Paper Clip
And a big favorite, for some strange reason... "Never Again"

I did get a bit carried away after seeing the episode "Never Again"... I had dreams for months of that tattoo that Scully got... So, without telling my husband.( because I knew he would flip a lid) went and made an appointment with a tattoo artist. We designed a tattoo similar to Scully's and had it put on the small of my back where she has her's. It is a snake, in the shape of a circle, swollowing it's tail... A symbol of eternity and re-birth, or renewal...
Something else I have done... In the episode "Quagmire", Scully has a dog named Queequeg... Actually, she aqcuired the dog in the episode "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose". I got a puppy in Sept of 97... On one condition from my husband... that I name him Queequeg...*grin* So now, I have a 50 lbs. puppy named Queequeg...Not quite the little Pomeranian that Scully had... But then again, I don't think a maniac alligator is going to be eating him anytime soon either...*L*
I have some great sites that I have linked to this page, if you are interested...

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