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Hi Grammy and Pop Pop!!
Here are some pictures that mom has taken with her new camera!!
She will be taking more, but for now, we just wanted to say HI!!*great big hugs* We miss you!!

The background of this page was made with a special plug in for PSP, it makes the pictures "tile" and blend together.
Here is a picture of mom's pond... Practially covered with snow.*L*

This is looking over towards Fosters house from our front porch.

THIS is what happens when you ask them to pose for a picture...*grrrr*

Come on, tell the truth, don't cha miss em???*LOL*

And here is Josh in his jammies...*S*

And here are the newest additions to the family. Don't ask who is who, cuz I don't have a clue...*L*
One is Digger and the other is Brook.

Now stay tuned!! Cuz there will be more pics coming!!
Love you!!!
Ben, Josh, Cheryl and Donnie...