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  • Cabincoon Maine Coon Cattery - Gigi & Gene Haag- Pennsylvania

  • Coonalley Maine Coon Cattery - Elaine Magee - New Jersey

  • Moosecoons Maine Coon Cattery - Susan Blevins - Maryland


  • Please read our Veterinarian's letter about "Cabincoon"
  • Hibou Maine Coon Cats Database
  • Pawpeds Maine Coon Database - Our cats pedigrees are listed
  • CFA Online Cat Breeder Referral Search
  • CFA - The Cat Fanciers' Association
  • TICA - The International Cat Association
  • ACFA - American Cat Fanciers' Association
  • Fanciers Breed Referral List
  • Maine Coon Breed Profile
  • Maine Coon Breed Standard
  • CFA's Maine Coon Breed Article
  • CFA's Cat show schedule and info on Showing Cats
  • CFA's Caring For Cats and Health Articles
  • Information about Pet Health Insurance
  • How To Find A Maine Coon Kitten - by Cat Moody, Stormwatch Maine Coons
  • Cat - Excellent article on Feline Nutrition
  • Pet Food Ingredients Revealed!
  • Article- What's Really In Pet Foods
  • Cool Pet Site - Good Source of Animal Related Information
  • List of Poisonous Plants and Household Cleaners
  • How To Trim Your Cats Claws
  • All About Declawing
  • United Maine Coon Rescue League
  • Cattery row - List of all breeds of cats
  • Ear Polyps Facts - by Cat Moody, Stormwatch Maine Coons


  • Nzymes - Good source of supplements
  • Revival Animal - Misc. supplies, Bene-bac, health care, suppliments, grooming etc.
  • Dr. Foster and Smith - Misc. supplies, toys, health care, Bene-bac, grooming, supplements, scratching posts, bedding etc.
  • Cherrybrook - Misc. supplies, toys, health care, grooming, supplements, scratching posts, bedding etc.
  • Pet Edge - Misc. supplies, toys, health care, grooming, supplements, scratching posts, bedding etc.
  • Lambriar Supply - Misc. supplies, Breathalyzer - for gums and teeth, toys, health care, grooming, bedding etc.
  • Ryan's Pets - Misc. supplies, toys, health care, grooming etc.
  • Purr-fect Privy - Enclosed litterbox system.
  • Zero Odor - Excellent product to stop litterbox and urine odor.
  • - Excellent source of supplies to cover your electrical wires etc.
  • Oxyfresh Products - Dental products for your Cat
  • ARUBACAT Cat Furniture - The BEST cat trees - Contact: Arty Mitchell (Calls only) (603)-382-8418

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