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Formula To Dispel Negative Energy

Formula for disspelling Negative Energy:

Well, it's not really a spell, but it works in dispelling negative energies, and I've found that it works. Anyway, if you find that you have a large amount of a negative emotion - hate, anger, fear, depression, pain - try this. Take a stone (hematite and quartz work best, although I wouldn't bother using them, I'll explain later why), and focus all your negative emotion on that stone. When you feel that it is "filled" and won't take any more, if you still have that emotion in you (and chances are you will), take a second stone and do the same. Keep doing this until you no longer feel that negative emotion or, if you do, until it is severely lessened.

Then take the stones, and depending upon your circumstances, here is how you dispose of them. If you have access to a river, ocean or waterfall, throw the stones out as far as you can into the depths, so they'll be washed away with the current. You do NOT want to throw them into a lake, or a river that runs very slowly, as they will then cause that area to be filled with that negative emotion, and they won't get "washed" the way they would in running water. This would be a bad thing. If you don't have access to running water of this sort, throw the stones off a cliff, or into a desert. If you don't have access to a place like that (and chances are that you don't, in Ohio), then find a place that will not be disturbed (and is NOT a place where you or other people spend a lot of time - you do NOT want those emotions coming back at anyone), and bury those stones. It doesn't have to be deep; six inches will do. Just enough that the soil will absorb any emotions that might "leak". But try to find a place that will not be disturbed by anyone, and you definitely don't want to choose a place where a lot of people spend time, like a baseball field or a park. It would be bad karma to remove these negative energies from yourself, only to give them to others.

Anyway, that's fairly easy, isn't it? Well the reason I wouldn't bother with hematite or quartz (even though they'd work best) is this: Both hematite & quartz are very good at absorbing energies, particularly hematite. (Quartz actually often AMPLIFIES energies, so might even be entirely wrong for this spell anyway, but I don't know). Whereas it might only take one or two hematite stones to accomplish this, it may take 6 or 7 regular stones. But the point is, you can find regular stones when you walk down the street, or in the woods. Why spend money on a stone, when you can get them for free and they will do the job just fine? It may take more of them, but they're free, so big deal. Besides, if you have a river or desert to throw the rocks in, sometimes it's more fun to have more of them to throw. :) I always liked that part. So I always did this with regular stones, and used my hematite & other stones for things that absolutely required them.

Anyway, I didn't get this spell from any book, this is just one of the numerous ones I've "invented" on my own. Although I'm sure that others have come up with the same thing too, because it seems fairly simple and obvious. The cool thing is that it doesn't require any great ceremony. All it's intended to do is give you back your peace of mind when you're troubled.>>