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Erik and RoseMarie


Rosemarie with Ben Jr, Erik Sr with Erik Jr, and Mercia with Gigi
We first met in Long Beach, CA in September, 1996 when both the "Rockeater" and Erik Jr. were under construction.
Then again in Capetown, South Africa when Erik took over the Beach Diamond Project in Oranjemund and we celebrated Christmas, 1964 together.
Next, we visited the Stephansens at their home in Oslo in 1966 and welcomed them to the USA later that year when they went on to California with Gigi and Erik Jr.

So it was really too long a separation and we were very happy to be reunited for two days in September, 1999!

We met at the Comfort Inn

Rosemarie comes from the SEYCHELLES ...

...and owns a 12th century
cottage in southern France!
Guess where we'll meet next??
(left:) Erik himself rang the welcome bell
and met his namesake Erika with daughter Lexa
while Greg grilled a juicy salmon on the porch

BLO fecit 1990909

Erik and Rosemarie
enjoying a Pennsylvania
covered (kissing) bridge

other PA delights