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Amy Leone

Hi! I'm Amy Leone, computer programmer, mother, soccer coach, Sunday school teacher. Companies I have worked for include Anteon, AMP, ITS, GroupTech, CSC and XonTech. Access my resume for more information.

I was born in NJ in 1960 as Amy Lundberg. I lived in NJ until 1968, when we moved to Selinsgrove, PA. I also lived in Topeka, KS in '74-'75. I got my BA in mathematics from GWU in 1982. I got married to my college sweetheart, Tim Leone, shortly after graduation. We moved to LA, CA where he got an MA in journalism from USC. Then we moved to Florida, where we had two great kids. In 1995, we moved to Hershey.

I got hooked on genealogy now have over 1000 names in my genealogy. My genealogy page is hosted by the Rootsweb WorldConnect project. Take a look, maybe we're related!

Sweep your mouse over my husband's face and turn him into a pokemon!

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