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The token of recognition of House Singing Stone

Fieldless....It's nothing....


We have heard that you can't get "nothing" past the heralds, but that hasn't stopped us. Singing Stone is well known as a household that has an aversion the words...."can't" and "no".

When asked about the clear badges that the recipients proudly disply hung from cords around their necks or off their belts, house members often reply, "This? Oh, it's nothing".

The Lord and Lady of the House have "nothing" to offer the members. That hasn't stopped membership from growing at a rapid rate.

It surprises some people how hard house members have worked yet recieve "nothing" in return....and are pleased at this!!

Several offers have been made to barter something for "nothing".

"Nothing" is in high demand, yet is a reserved privilage for house members.

Singing Stone members (and retired members) who have "nothing" to show for their dedication to the house and the Society through their service to Shire, Barony, Crown and Kingdom.

Lady Eibhlin ni Chaoimh
(currently known as Yvianne de Castel d'Avignon)
Lord Aengus MacBain
Lord Jacopo di Nicollo
Lady Ysabell Graver
Lord Georg Eisenfaust
Lady Anna Eisenkopf
Lady Aleea Bagah
Eilis O'Comain
Lord Etienne Silverfox

Titles listed are those at time of receipt of nothing.

For more information on the Household, please visit the House Singing Stone website.