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Sayings of the Promised Messiah (Peace be on him)

Islam literally means Peace, surrender of one's will; and to be in amity and concord. The significance of the name Islam is the attainment of a life of perfect peace and eternal happiness through complete surrender to the Will of Allah. The Holy Book of the Muslims, the QURAN revealed to the Holy Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) interprets Islam to be the religion whose teachings are in consonance with human nature. As a child is taught his alphabet, so GOD taught the religion to the world gradually by sending His prophets at different times and to different peoples. The religious guidance thus initiated in the beginning of the world was completed and perfected through Islam.

The Holy Prophet Mohammad (Peace be on him) was a great teacher and a Prophet of God. Due to the magnitude and extent of his work, we regard him as the greatest of all the previous Prophets. Yet we do not believe that the Divine door of prophecy and the door of communication with the CREATOR is closed for the future. It is now in the footsteps of the Master-Prophet Mohammad (Peace be on him) that each one has to walk.

Humanity was awaiting a Reformer who was to provide all the answers for all nations. In this age Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian claimed to be that Promised Messiah whose advent had been foretold by the Founders of all the Major Religions. In Hadrat Ghulam Ahmad, the Promised Messiah and Mahdi, the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, we have the prophet of the age whose mission has been to lead mankind to true Islam. Islam is not a dead religion of myth and wonderful tales of the past. It is a religion full of life for the benefit of the present and future generations. The Omniscient, Omnipotent God is still very much alive to those servants who sincerely strive in His faith and whom He honours to one of the four stages, i.e. Prophets, Saints, Martyrs and the Righteous (The Quran 4:69). It also proves beyond all doubt that Islam is the only religion meant for all people and all times.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community provides you with an opportunity to find out the truth of the claim by Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. This page is specifically for Christians and Muslims , who are awaiting Jesus to come back physically from Heavens and generally for all the people who are interested in having the knowledge about THE TRUE JESUS (Peace be on him), AHMADIAT - THE TRUE ISLAM and why Islam has the superiority over other religions?


To follow are some of the sacred sayings of The Promised Messiah and some of the revelations he received from Allah.

Sacred Sayings of The Promised Messiah

"This humble servant of God has been sent to mankind simply for the purpose of informing them that the only true religion in this world is the one revealed by the Quran and that the Gateway of Salvation is the message: There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah"

"God, in whose meeting is Man's salvation and eternal happiness, cannot be found without the Holy Quran."

"All praise is due to Allah, who has made thee the Messaih, Son of Mary. You are the Revered Messiah whose time shall not be wasted. A pearl like you is not wasted."

"Our opponents seek to obstruct the propogation of our message. Yet God Almighty has shown me that the members of my movement will be multiplied like grains of sand."

"Be perfectly sure that Jesus, son of Mary, is dead, his grave being in Kashmir, Srinagar, Mohalla Khanyar. God has spoken of his death in he Holy Quran."

"Mock as much as you can; Abuse as much as you like; tease and torture as hard as you can think of; and seek my destruction as severe as you can plan; but then, remember! God will soon show you that HE has the upper hand......"

"The Promised Messiah and the Fortunate Mahdi whom they are awaiting is thyself. We do whatever We will, be not, therefore, of the doubters."

"WE have made thee Messiah, Son of Mary, so as to perfect MY warning for the Christains."

"I have illumined you and chosen you. WE have opened the gates of the world for you."

"Oh my servant, be not afraid. Do you not see that we are diminshing the earth from its borders? Do you not know that Allah has power over all things."

"How fortunate is the person who accepts Muhammad, the chosen one, Peace be on him, as his leader and the Holy Quran as his guide."

TRUE GUIDANCE - (Malfoozat, Vol. 8, pp.200-206)

In October 1905 Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Of Qadian, the Promised Messiah (as) visited Dehli. During this stay many people came to meet him and during these meetings various questions and issues were discussed. On 27th October 1905, after the Friday prayers, the Promised Messiah (as) gave advice and guidance to a group of people who had gathered around him. Presented below is an English translation of the original text of this discourse which is to be found in Malfoozat, vol. 8, pp.200-206.

Patience is a great virtue.The person who practices patience and does not speak in anger, his speech is not his speech, it is God who makes him speak. the people of this community should act with patience and should not return the opponent's harshness and should not be abusive in response to abuse. It is not neccessary that a person who falsifies me should refer to me with respect. There were many examples of this in the life of the Holy Prophet(saw)(of Islam). There is nothing like patience but patience is avery difficult thing to adopt in practice. God supports him who is patient. The ground of Dehli is hard but all (people) are not the same. There will be many who are as yet hidden (from us) but when the time comes they will understand of thier own accord. Arabia, too, was a very hard nation but even that was won over. Dehli is not that hard.

I dislike the fact that people of my Community should attack someone or that they should do anything that is against good morals. God enjoins us to be kind and understanding and we should act accordingly.The revelation vouchsafed to me carry this message also within them that we should show tolerance and understanding. We do not possess a sweet beverage that we can immediately present to someone. Even amoung those who believe in the truth of my claim there are those who do not yet possess certainty of belief. Infact, they bring up many doubts and suspicions. Kindness should still be shown to those who are weak and every one should try to remember that when they were new in their conversion, they too went through a period of weakness such that they were constantly plagued by satanic thoughts until gradually the gift of satisfaction and peace was acquired. This is because the poison of previous sins continues to sting. It is not such an easy matter that the extrication of all of the poison be acheived in one go. Gradually God's mercy comes to one's assistance. When a sick person becomes healthy some weakness still remains and it is an aspect of weakness that a person sometimes stumbles and falls and sometimes the illness suddenly returns. A believer is a friend of God but acquiring this blessing is difficult. That is why (the Holy Qur'an addressing the new converts of the desert) states that you should say, We have submitted rather than saying that, We have believed (Ch.49,v.15).


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