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The Adam Copeland Drool Page

Warning! This page is mainly for women (and gay guys, I guess). It contains a lot of sexual comments about Adam Copeland, and probably a few other guys too. It's even been nick-named "the girl page" by Adam Copeland (yes, the guy this page is about) and Bob Holly. So men BEWARE!

Hi! Welcome to the Adam Copeland Drool Page. Adam Copeland is Edge in the WWF. He's my favorite wrestler, and the reason I started watching wrestling, so I thought I'd make a page to honor his beauty. Please email me with any comments.

Luv, Jezabel

*PS-Each of my pages has a different email address. You can use any of them, all the mail will get to me.

Last Update: 9/19/99
Updates: The message board is re-open for fun and discussion! Enjoy and make use of it!

Read This!: I have two questions for everyone:

First, what would you like to see happen with the feud between the Brood and the JOB Squad? Please be more specific than, "I want the Brood to win." Would you like them to team up against Team Corporate? Would you like a member or two of one group to join the opposing team (like Edge and Christian ditching Gangrel to join the JOB Squad)? Lots of things could happen, so what would you like to see?

Second, would you be interested in a novel with wrestlers as the heros? A novel with a little romance maybe?

Please email me with your answers! I really want to know what you think!

Luv, Jezabel

Real Name: Adam Copeland
Aliases: Sexton Hardcastle, Adam Impact
Former and Current Tag Teams and Stables: Suicide Blondes (with Christian Cage), High Impact (also with Cage), Sex & Violence (with Joe E. Legend), The Brood (with Gangrel and Christian), The Undertaker's Ministry (with the Undertaker, Vicera, Mideon, the Acolytes: Farooq and Bradshaw, and the Brood/Druids: Christian and Gangrel)
Birthday: October 30, 1974
Hometown: Orangeville, Ontario, Canada
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 240lbs.
WWF Contract: signed for 5 years

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