film for beginners

Here's overlord @ the College of New Jersey's 91.3FM WTSR, breaking the ceiling while setting up and playing Meet the Situation Artist live across the airwaves, passing out of the solar system and forever crossing the endless depths of space. Hooray.
The video for Delayed Past Thinking from FILLER found its way onto the eMpTyV "OUT FROM THE UNDERGROUND" webpage in Quicktime format. Let the selling out begin now!

Stunningly,'s online video show debuted with the now aging clip in streaming real video sometime in mid 2000. You can see it amongst other videos on their video loop here.

Of course, downloading the entire 5.8MB file here in RealMovie Format is your best bet.

Soon, we'll convert it into an Excel file or a design for the back of a Solitaire card. Also, the entire song is available in punchcard form, although the viewer has to pay shipping.
overlord wishes to thank Jason and Assistant Principal Parkin for use of the Sandy Run Middle School Planetarium for filming the promo clip for THE BIG SAD in mid 1999. The footage is beautiful, just like the inside of a cataract! While many overlord shows have been videotaped, this was the first time real 16mm film has been used. Is it the best possible use of the planets exhaustible silver supply?
Late 2000: Back to Super 8 for the Meet the Situation Artist clip. Anyone want to dress up like a beatnik?