Pole Position

"A stunt racing and daredevil family team puts on thrilling automotive acrobatics at the Pole Position Stunt Show, run by Dan Darret and his two sisters, Tess and Daisy, after their parents disappear after an unexplained explosion during a stunt race. The kids carry on their parents' work, along with pet Kuma and two computerized cars, Roadie and Wheels, using the cutting edge technology of their high-tech vehicles to fight crime. Series was based on the popular video arcade game of the same name."- Jeff Lenburg "The Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons,"

A kid's dream... having your parents disappear and getting two computerized cars to fight crime.

Look, when I was nine that sounded pretty appealing.

Along with Galaxy High and Dungeons and Dragons, this show is CBS's Saturday Morning Contribution to my adult neuroses.How the writers took a video game consisting solely of a windshield and turned it into an intellectual tour de force is unfathomable.

Can you forget the damned theme song?

This show has apparently been a career killer. Witness: