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Thanks to Tommy Conwell of 94 WYSP's Loud N Local for plugging our show at the Khyber as well as playing SuperNovocaine on the air.

"No, it's not metal"

on Storm Tower Records


-from the poster to Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974), a genuinely well-made film.

Debut CD "FILLER" and sophomore effort "A FINISHING PICTURE" on sale now at:
Bring a receipt and get into the next show free.
It's Bring Your Own Scalpel as Philadelphia Weekly dissects overlord- 04/08/98. By Jill MacDowell.
Meet the Band
updated 05/10/98

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What's Gnu?

A gnu is another name for the wildebeest, a large African antelope with a bristly face and massive shoulders. But don't let its gruff exterior fool you- Gnus are placid, friendly creatures that have been known to engage in cribbage with stunned zoologists. Kiss a gnu today!

What's New?

overlord's sophmore effort A Finishing Picture is now available. The ten song sound haiku is a more stylistically eclectic batch of tunes than Filler, ranging from punk in Supernovocaine to pop in The Beautiful People, spacey 50's redux in The Big Sad to 80's synth pop in Number Eight. 10 songs, eight bucks. With the StormTower Records seal of quality.



Philadelphia Weekly capitalized our name, but we forgive them since they said(12/9/98): "Editor's Picks: Overlord. This West Philly quartet's latest album,A Finishing Picture , plays fast and loose with its influences: early New Order, early Cure, early Smiths. That may seem like a limited field of reference to some, but what you need to realize is that these bands together used many different guitar chords -- certainly more than one person would need to hear on any given night. Overlord picks among these flowers well, and we'd like to take this time to mention that this is the most audaciously, sublimely unfashionable release we've heard this year. We applaud their courage, wit and determination. Overlord celebrates the release of this petite gem tonight. Go.
Wed., Dec. 9, 10 p.m. The Khyber, 56 S. Second St. 215.238.5888."
October CD RELEASE PARTIES: TROCADARO BALCONY SATURDAY OCTOBER 17 *FIRENZE FRIDAY OCTOBER 23 *PONTIAC GRILLE SUNDAY OCTOBER 25th* HMV RECORDS 6PM THURSDAY OCTOBER 8* UPSTAIR'S AT NICKS THURSDAY OCTOBER 8 9PM* (SEPTEMBER OFF FOR APOCOLYPSE)* Doc Watson's PHILADELPHIA August 15th 9PM * The Spiral Lounge NEW YORK CITY Tuesday July 7 8 PM* The Firenze July 2nd* The Khyber May 26th * Upstairs At Nicks May 20th * Firenze Tavern May 15th w/ Marvy.* Artbar Saturday April 25 opening for Trans Lux Theater* UPENN Spring Fling- April 17th Lower Quad 12:50 PM* Pontiac Grille April 8th - Philadelphia Weekly's local band showcase thing* The Lion's Den * 142 Sullivan * New York City * Friday April 3rd- 7:45 PM * Ponitac Grille (w/EDO) Sun March 8* The Mighty Firenze 11th & Cherry, 20th of February* Upstairs at Nicks- Sunday February 15th* Artbar 1207 Race Street Sat Feb 7 10PM * Khyber 56 S.2nd Street- Saturday Jan 24th* ARTBAR 1207 Race Street * Saturday Dec 13 11PM * Be there or be octagonal* We played a heavily abbreviated set at the Pontiac Grille Dec 9 * December: 3rd @ The Khyber. * Amnesty International Concert at Pi Lam Nov 22nd. Friday the 7th November: "party" at Sarahs* November 6th High Rise North, Penn*

The Critics Speak:


In 1991, 16-year-old George Pasles, suggested to friends that "overlord" would be a great band name. He met such jarring opposition from people, who have described it as "The stupidest thing they have ever heard", that he knew he had to keep it. But, no, it's not metal.


Again, it's not metal. What it IS seems to vary from song to song. It's not quite pop or rock or alternative or -gulp- goth or modern rock, but that's all in there somewhere.


What scene? Bucks County, Pennsylvania has NO venues for non cover bands. A rural suburban wonderland of kids with more musical equipment then talent, Bucks County has as many broken dreams as four tracks. The city of Philadelphia, a scant forty-five minutes away, has prospects that are almost as bleak. Full of addicts and burnouts, the Philadelphia music scene is a closed circle of bands, playing the few clubs and the even fewer operating sound systems.


FILLER is overlord's predebut CD, a ten song juggernaut that covers the first few years of recording, from the four track to the studio. It's all there: AM I WRONG?, ESSPY, COLLIDING CIRCLES, 90 SECONDS OF NIRVANA, FILLER, DELAYED PAST THINKING, THE DREAM SONG, THE CEDAR ROOM, BRING US ANOTHER, and the veritable antique WHY CAN'T I? You're welcome to check out the lyrics if you'd like. 8 bucks! Cheap!

Their first release, OVERLORD AND UNDERPAID, was produced by George Pasles with input from TITO LAMARCK, leader of the trendsetting rock and funk band THE EROTIC SLINKIES and the industrial country band MAGNETIC WEST. It has garnered the attention of several major producers, including SCOTT MATHEWS (DICK DALE/THE LOVED ONES/JOHN HIATT/JOHN WESLEY HARDING) and MARK S. BERRY (HE HEADSTONES/VOIVOD/THE MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES), who was interested in releasing BEHIND GLASS as a single in Europe. Mostly, though, they were impressed with overlord's ability to drop names. You can even hear the left hand channel of the semi-conscious The Dream Song if you wish.


We've played, in various incarnations, U Penn Spring Fling 1996 & 97, The Trocadaro, The Firenze and HMV records in Philadelphia, the Local 506 in Chapel Hill, NC, the Library in Knoxville, Tenn, Copacetie's in Norfolk, Va., the Biograph in Richmond, Va., the Galaxy Hut in Arlington, Va., all over Penn campus over the years, The Castle, Parmesan, you name it.

The Setlist

For covers we've played: Holiday in Cambodia/Moon Over Marin (Dead Kennedys); Carnival of Sorts/ Harborcoat (REM); Dancin' with Myself (Mr. Billy Idol); What Difference Does it Make/Sweet and Tender Hooligan (Smiths); Last Caress (The Misfits)

Originals: Whadda you care? You don't know the songs anyway!
A recent sampling, anyway: Set lists: HMV: The Big Sad * Hello Kitty (Genovese) * Filler * Automating * Supernovocaine * Gone * The Dream Song * Solace * Colliding Circles * The Beautiful People
Nicks: Supernovocaine * The Big Sad * Hello Kitty (Genovese) * Colliding Circles * Filler * All my Idols * Gone * Automating * Universal Reversal
Troc: Supernovocaine * Hello Kitty (Genovese) * Filler * Delayed Past Thinking * Automating * Gone * The Dream Song * The Big Sad
Pontiac: Supernovocaine * Filler * The Beautiful People * Hello Kitty (Genovese) * Solace * Gone * Am I Wrong? * Colliding Circles * Automating * The Big Sad




overlord receives legal counseling from Matthew Rosenberger, a man for all seasons- except late fall. Mr. Rosenberger can be reached at 215-242-3830 or let yourself be sucked into the vortex of his all encompassing persona HERE . So they say...


Book overlord. They're dependable, they're well-groomed, and they're polite. And they're all housebroken.

Things That Are Good

overlord is not so much a musical group as a proselytizing, transportable philosophical system of beliefs. That way no one gets hurt. Beat that! Witness:
*Listening to the following things:
Le Mysterous Voix des Bulgaria, Stereolab, The Beatles, The Smiths, The Dead Kennedys, Early REM, Smashing Pumpkins, Ministry, Buddy Holly, Beastie Boys, Dead Kennedys, Buddy Holly, Ministry, The Cure

*Reading the following things:

Kurt Vonnegut, Noam Chomsky, Carl Sagan, Those delightful Jack Chick Publications.

*Watching the following things

The Simpsons, Seinfeld, Howard Stern, Batman: The Animated Series, just about any movie will be considered.

*overlord strenuously advocates the following diet:

A Hot Turkey Sandwich with a double order of Mashed Potatoes and Pasta Marinara
*By All Means, Go Swimming!

The Hall Of Ex-Band Members

While you're here, check George's stock


PO Box 15791
Phila, PA 19103
And, of course, the ubiquitous email...no-its-not-metal@juno.com