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June 2003
  • Shows Added for August.
  • Jon, Ryan and David play.
May 2003
  • MP3 Added: Room Enough.
    Engineered by Erik Colvin at Cole in Hollywood.
April 2003
  • Show Added: Dragonfly Hollywood April 21.
  • Setlist from the Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood.
March 2003
  • Show Added: Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood April 10.
February 2003
  • Setlist from the Knitting Factory Hollywood.
January 2003
  • Smadar Galor plays bass and Chris Markwood plays the drums.
December 2002
  • Compilation Appearance (see #10)
  • Show Added: Knitting Factory, Hollywood February 25.
November 2002 October 2002
  • The video for Landlubber is available.
  • Show Added: Galapagos Brooklyn November 16.
  • Show Added: Club 218 Philadelphia November 29.
September 2002
  • Five new mp3s of varying legitimacy appear here
    and their lyrics are of course here.
  • "Atonal" appears on Sonic Stream Records compilation.
August 2002
  • Show Added: March on Washington November 2.
July 2002
  • Setlist from WPRB.
  • Show Added: Roboto Project August 7.
  • Show Added: Springwater Nashville August 13.
  • Show Added: The Pilot Light Knoxville August 14.
  • Show Added: WUTK Knoxville August 15.
  • Show Added: Tall Shiva August 30.
  • Review Added: The Big Takeover reviews
    The Wonderful World of Chemistry.
  • Review Added: Shredding Paper reviews
    The Wonderful World of Chemistry.
June 2002 May 2002
  • Show Added: North Star June 21.
  • Show Added: Upper Senate Park DC June 29.
  • Show Added: DCCD DC June 29.
  • Show Added: WMUC Instudio June 30.
  • Discs now available from

April 2002
March 2002
february 2002
  • The Wonderful World of Chemistry is in
    rotation at Princeton's WPRB 103.3.

    "Atonal" and "Populist Anthem" have been
    on their playlist...and credited to the
    band 'overload' from their cd 'Better Living
    Through Chemistry;' Viva obscurity!
  • Show Added: The Knitting Factory June 27.
january 2002
  • Setlist from the Knitting Factory.
    Special thanks to "Rivoli" Dan Nosheny for
    filling out the room. View of JR, George &
    from the front.
  • The Wonderful World of Chemistry is
    album of the week of 1/28 at Philadelphia's
    WXPN 88.5FM.
    "Atonal", "Populist Anthem", and
    "Meet the Situation Artist" have been played.
  • Show Added: Trocadero Balcony March 7.
december 2001
  • The Wonderful World of Chemistry available online
    from Clairecords mail order.
  • Show Added: The Knitting Factory January 24.
  • Filler & A Finishing Picture available online
    from CD Baby.
november 2001
  • Review Added: Alternative Press reviews
    The Wonderful World of Chemistry.
  • Setlist from the Balcony.
october 2001
  • Show Added: Balcony Friday November 2nd.
september 2001
  • Setlist from the Khyber.
  • Review Added: CMJ New Music Monthly's review
    of The Wonderful World of Chemistry.
august 2001 july 2001
  • Review Added: reviews the 5 IUMA mp3s.
    Must be from last summer, but just discovered.
    Technically not 'new', but 'stuff' nonetheless.
june 2001
  • Review Added: Magnet Magazine's review
    of The Wonderful World of Chemistry.
  • Back catalogue available through Sonic Stream.
may 2001
  • Show Added: Velvet Lounge DC August 23.
april 2001
  • Setlist from the Khyber.
    overlord opens for Shudder to Think's Craig Wedren
    and his coterie of jet set New Yorkers. Junior High pt. 2!

  • Show Added: Khyber Saturday April 28.
  • Review Added: Philadelphia City Paper's review
    of The Wonderful World of Chemistry.
march 2001
  • Setlist from the Trocadero Balcony.
  • Disc Released: The Wonderful World of Chemistry.
february 2001
  • Feb 22nd: Old man winter gives us the finger.
  • MP3 Added: The 70th Love Song.
january 2001
  • Show Added: The Balcony March 15.
  • Show Added: The Khyber February 22.
  • Setlist from the Upstage.
  • Show Added: The Upstage January 18.
  • Back catalogue available in the UK from
    the Rough Trade shops. Look under 'U.S. imports.'

december 2000 november 2000
  • Show Added: WTSR 91.3 FM On-air show Dec 7th.
  • Setlist from HMV Records In-store.
october 2000
  • Show Added: HMV instore November 22nd.
september 2000
  • MP3 Added: Girls Watching Boys Watching Girls.
  • Jon Robb plays the bass.
august 2000
  • Complilation appearance.
    overlord's cover of Reel Around The Fountain will appear
    on Speedway Records' 'There Is a Light That Never Goes Out, Part 2'
    compilation, a tribute to The Smiths, to be distributed in Europe. Thank you Fabio.

  • Tina @ 91.3 said they played Filler & Bring Us Another this month.
july 2000
  • Back catalogue available through IUMA.
  • MP3 Added: Meet the Situation Artist.
june 2000
  • Setlist from the Khyber.
    gracias to Jordan again while Eggs is in Europe.
  • mpulse tv shows the Delayed Past Thinking video.
  • Setlist from La Tazza 108.
may 2000
  • Show Added: Khyber Tuesday June 27.
  • Show Added: La Tazza 108 Friday June 9.
  • 91.3 FM plays Longsleeves All Summer Long,
    The Beautiful People & Colliding Circles during a band retrospective.

  • Recording at IMM for Opaque Tunes.
    Mark goes on vacation, locks George inside for two weeks. Lawsuit pending.
april 2000
  • Setlist from the Elbow Room.
    Thanks to Carrie Loft for her photos, nyah and nyah.
  • Setlist from UPenn Spring Fling.
    Has-Been Tracy Bonham opens for Never-Will-Be overlord.
  • MP3 Added: Filler.
  • Real Audio Added: The Beautiful People.
    courtesy philadelphia city paper.
  • Show Added: UPenn Spring Fling Friday April 20.
  • Setlist from the Luna Lounge.
march 2000
  • Longsleeves All Summer Long debuts on 94.1 WYSP.
  • Review Added: Philadelphia Weekly's review of Transparent Tunes.
  • Show Added: Luna Lounge NYC Saturday April 1.
  • Eggs plays the drums.
february 2000
  • Setlist from the Balcony.
    gracias to Jordan for bashing heads & Neil Cippon for recording/mixing.
  • Show Added: The Elbow Room NYC Thursday April 20th
  • Disc released: Transparent Tunes.
january 2000
  • Sennheiser Band Contest Finalist.
  • Show Added: Troc Balcony Friday Feb 25th.
  • MP3 Added: Longsleeves All Summer Long.
  • Jordan plays the drums