Date: December 7th, 2000, 19:35 hrs.
Place: 91.3FM WTSR Trenton, College of New Jersey.
Tina: Radio Show Hostess
Dave: Drummer
Jon: Bassist
George: Guitarist
Fade in on an uncomfortably warm radio station studio in winter. The murmuring discontent of the ages rumbles throughout the land. Somewhere in the distance, a mule audibly collapses from exhaustion. Four individuals huddle around a microphone.
T: Let's tell everybody that this band is called overlord, and, as you can tell now, no...

G:'s not metal...

T:'s not metal.

T: overlord is something that we play on the show everyone once in a while so we figured why not, right? So why don't we go around, introduce each... introduce yourselves and tell us your superhero alias. Go.

G: My name is George. My superhero alias is Mr. George.

T: Okay, next.

J: My name is Jon and my superhero alias is, uh, Pillowman
D: Sweet Pillowman. My name is David and I am the Walrus.

T: Very Good. And David what did you do to the ceiling today?

D: Nothing. I did nothing to the ceiling today.

T: Exactly. That's the story and we're sticking to it.

G: Actually, Tina, that was all my fault.

T: That was all your fault?

G: We have that on videotape.

T: Very Good. So, um, who wants to say a little something about the band, how you got together, how
you met..

G: Well, all of us went to the same junior high school and as such the resulting trauma, uh...

T: Gotcha.


G: ...brought us together in the future.

D: The moons of Holland Junior High.

G: It was a terrible, um, terrifying place. And, uh, I personally suffered there. Jon, did you suffer there?

J: I just remember you suffering alot.

G: Dave?

J: I remember trying to console you.

G: How about you Dave?

D: I knew neither of you.
G: No, I...

D: I felt fine about the school. I enjoyed it.

G: See, Dave has a great attitude.

T: Is that why you knew neither of them?

D: Probably.

T: The whole other side of the hallway.

D: Exactly.

G: Dave is the Mom of the band.

T: Very good.

D: They were in the upper grade.

G: Let's see. We started playing together...Dave and I started playing together in March, and Jon has just  joined us this month.

T: Well, congratulations Jon.

J: Thank you.

G: And there's a silent band member whose name is John Murphy whose pedal is here today.

J: Yeah, thanks John for the Ibanez pedal... Tube Screamer.

G: A nice pedal.

T: What were the names of the songs you just played?
G: First, we played Hello Kitty (Genovese), a delightful tale of New York City and its fine inhabitants. That was followed by Automating, a story about the physical act of love and its terrifying consequences.

T: All right. Bright happy stuff.

G: Word.

T: How many albums do you have out?

G: We have two cds and one cd single and there's another cd that's in the works. We're about halfway
done. And Jon's going to come in and it's going to be crazy.

T: And you guys are pretty local?

G: We're so local it's ridiculous. We're More Local Than Local. There's that song by White Zombie...

T: Uh, not in my repertoire

G: Well, we'll do a cover of it.

T: Very good. All right.


G: Also, we started out as a Haircut 100 cover band and we're sort of branching out. We like pasta and  long walks on the beach.

J: What's your favorite pasta, George?

G: My favorite pasta has got to be either, uh, rotini, rotelli, linguini, fetuccini, or maybe like low fat Chicken and Cheese Tortellini.

J: Yeah?

G: Yeah.

D: That's good.

G: I'd also like to take this opportunity to ask the Healthy Choice Corporation to reinstitute their Chicken and Cheese Tortellini. They turned it to entirely Cheese Tortellini and that's not so good. The sauce is terrible.

T: Sorry.

G: So everybody out there call your Congress...individual.

T: All right. You got any questions for them?
G: How are you guys doing?

J: I'm all right. It's...

T:'s a little warm in here.

G: What are your long plans, guys, now that you're on the spot? Dave are you still buying that house?

D: Workin' on it.

G: Really? Cause we've got to go to LA soon.

D: Uh-oh.

G: I'm trying to rope them in. But... I don't know.

T: Is this what happened when Regis tried to, uh, replace Kathi Lee. He gets, uh, guest stars that ramble on to each other?

G: I don't know. I don't know.

T: I am like Regis without my Kathy Lee now that Kelly's left.

G: Yeah, Kelly was the co-host...

T: Yeah say Hi to Kelly. I'll...
G: Kelly, I miss you personally.

T: He misses our witty banter.

G: And, uh, I miss Dave talking. He was talking like a minute ago, now he's just...

D: I'm sorry. I'm sitting on the cymbal now.

G: he's sitting on the cymbal now. I like Dave, I just want everyone to know. I mean I like Jon too of course but Dave is just, has a great personality. And Jon does too, but Dave's is like killing me.

J: You don't have to patronize me.

G: What's that?

J: You don't have to patronize me.

G: I don't?

D: Should we play another tune?


Musical instruments fall from the sky, and within a few minutes, a complete song, titled with a intriguing imperative, is performed.


... and naturally, everyone sings Populist Anthem.