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overlord albums carry the imprint of storm tower records.

IN THE STATES: overlord's most recent disc, The Wonderful World of Chemistry, is available from, tone vendor and their doppelgangers at clairecords. overlord's previous cds are available at tower records, cdbaby and by mail order from sonic stream records. Ask your friendly shop keeper for them through darla, revolver, and/or cargo distribution. discs have also been spotted at philadelphia's indie-rock haven spaceboy records. Other overlord tracks appear on compilations include "Kelly" on the forthcoming as-yet-untitled Del Shannon Tribute and "Atonal" on Sonic Stream: The First Five Years.

OUTSIDE THE STATES: in the uk and continental europe, where demand is positively outrageous, look for overlord's cds at rough trade shops under 'U.S. Imports'. remember to convert dollars to pounds and pounds to stone. modern alchemy!

If you are having any trouble acquiring any discs, send an email to get the low down.

The Wonderful World of Chemistry, March 2001

[available from Clairecords (US) Mail Order ]

1. Atonal
2. Populist Anthem
3. Meet the Situation Artist
4. The Germ Theory of Thought
5. Girls Watching Boys Watching Girls
6. The 70th Love Song (Class of 1993 Reunion Theme)

Recorded at IMM Studios,Warminster, PA on 32 tracks of digital.

Transparent Tunes, February 2000

[available from Sonic Stream (US) and Rough Trade (UK) Mail Order ]

1. longsleeves all summer long
2. solace, is that her name?

recorded at Philadelphia's premier space rock haven Deep Space Recording Co., Philadelphia, PA with Carmine DeGennaro on 16 tracks of analog, synched to 8 tracks of digital.

A Finishing Picture, October 1998

[available from CDBaby online, Sonic Stream (US) and Rough Trade (UK) Mail Order ]

1. universal reversal
2. hello kitty (genovese)
3. gone
4. the beautiful people
5. automating
6. supernovocaine
7. my karen carpenter story
8. number 8
9. all my idols
10. the big sad

recorded at Storm Tower Studios, Bucks County, PA, on 8-tracks of analog and at IMM Studios, Warminster, PA on 24 tracks of digital.

Filler, May 1997

[available from CDBaby online and Sonic Stream (US) Mail Order ]

1. am i wrong?
2. esspy
3. colliding circles
4. 90 seconds of nirvana
5. filler
6. delayed past thinking
7. the dream song
8. the cedar room
9. bring us another
10. why can't i?

recorded at Storm Tower Studios, Bucks County, PA on 4-tracks of analog & by the sadists at Chill Factor Studios, Ardmore, PA on 24 tracks of digital. Go anywhere else.

the years have not been kind
Ethnomusicologists who require a more precise discography should note that overlord had two previous tape releases:
[cassettes available from a box in my room]
Trivia: Storm Tower Records is named after one of the losing horses in the 1993 kentucky derby, a fellow lost cause. Scott was sure he'd win. Hey, Seth Klein told him. And Seth was the only person under 50 at the track, wolfing down pita pizzas during Juan Umana's daily rounds, drinking in the nuances of animal cruelty for financial gain. Tulipomania pt. 2. Goodbye $20.