Batman Memorabilia:

A collection of BATMAN related toys, comics, etc. that can only be described as thorough is for sale. I collected for a few years as if my life depended on it. Now that Iím a broke, broken person sucked dry by college, itís rapidly becoming apparent that my life actually depends on food. So make an offer and Iíll go out and buy pasta. If this doesnít sell, Iíll have to hock my kidney. And, no, thereís no batman logo on it, in case you were wondering.

Comic Books:
Batman- 134, 171 (1st S.A. Riddler),256,340-344,347,365,368,401,408-410,427, 428,430,431,433,436,440,449,450,451,463,465,474,479,483,487,498,500,501,502, 505, 508,509,510,512,514,515,518,521,522, 523,528, #0 (Zero Hour tie-in)ANNUAL 1,18/ AmalgamBruce Wayne: Agent of Shield, Legends of the Dark Claw/ Detective Comics-455,50-509,512,533,535,568,569,572,573-578,582,587,599,615,621,666,667, 675,676,674,677,678,681,682,685,686,688,689,692,695,700/ SUPERMAN(94)-37 (Great Batman Story)/ Silver Age Classics reprints of Ďtec 326,225 Shadow of the Bat- 25,29-32,35,36,37,450 Robin-1,6-10,14,17,19,20,22,28 Showcase '93- 5 (Robin) Robin1&2 of 5 Mighty Mites-2B Dark Knight Parody GnatRat:The Dark Gnat Returns Catwoman-12,13 Brave & The Bold-133,143,147176,179 World's Finest1-3(1990) Batman: Master of the Future Batman: Arkham Asylum Batman:Castle of the Bat Batman: Gotham by Gaslight Mazing Man-12 Batman:Gotham Nights-1-4 Legends of the Dark Knight- 1-4,6,12,45,57,62-64, Annual 4 Batman:The Cult- 1,4 Dark Knight 3(2nd),4 Batman Adventures 5,8,10,12,13,14,24,26,29,30,36 Batman & Robin Adventures#1 Batman & the Outsiders 1,4,7,19 Batman Movie Special- Deluxe and Regular Edition Gnatrat:The Movie
Batgirl1 Catwoman 4 of 4 (auto. by Bair) Critic's Choice- analysis of dark knight, year 1
Advertisements from side of comic rack- long thin posters- difficult to find-Knightsend, Joker:Stacked Deck
Batman Houdini- poster signed by Chairello Dark Knight Returns T-Shirt- Beaten Batman on grey T

Batman:The Animated Series
McDonalds-B:TAS Robin on cycle (MIP)
Plastic Batman Tumbler(mip)
Golden Sound Story Book-Case of the Missing Egg(m)
McDonalds-Happy Meal Box(m)
Spin Pop Candy- Batman figure, lollipop goes in head(m)

70's- Batman Stunt Cycle (loose)
Mego Batsuit(loose)
Kenner SuperPowers Batman (MOC), Robin(loose)
Kenner DarkKnightCollection-Sky Escape Joker, Crime Attack Batman(MOC)
Kenner-The Joker Cycle, Batcycle Batman Returns- Penguin(MOC)
Toy Biz-Batman- 2 chin variation, Joker, Bob the Goon, Riddler, Two-Face, RobinWonderwoman, Superman, Lex Luthor, Mr. Freeze, Penguin- regular and recalled version (MOC)
Toy Biz-Batman Accessory Playset, Batwing, Batcave,DC Comic Super Hero Collector's Case, Batmobile w/Turbinw Sound, Batcycle,Remote Control Batmobile(mib)
ERTL-Die CAst Batmobile(2), Batmobile-Batwing-Joker Van 3-Pak, Batmobile-Joker Van 2-Pak(mib)
'89 Film
Bob the Goon Bomber Jacket(like in film) size medium-joker logos on sleeve and pocket exactly as in film-really cool, never worn
WB Pin '88: Batman the Movie Summer 89"
Official Joker Hat-Purple-size Large
Official Joker Hat-black-size Medium
Prince Soundtrack in Limited Edition Tin
Batman Theater Lobby Cards
Batman Official Movie Book
Batsymbol Folder
Batman Souvenier Magazine
Batman Novel
Applause- Plastic candy container- Batman's head, Joker's Head, Batman's Torso
Topps- WaxPacks Boxes (2) of Series 1 unopenned
Topps- WaxPacks Boxes (1) of series 2 unopenned
Topps Complete Set Series 1 unopenned
Topps Complete Set Series 2 unopenned
The Joker Make-Up Kit unopenned
Batman home video
Taco Bell- Plastic Batmobile Cup
WHV promocard given to videostores explaining advertising rules and regulation
Keaton-Starmakers- 5 ft Standee
Nicholson-Starmakers Standee
Auto Sun Shield( mip)
Batman Cereal (shrinkwrapped w/ Plastic batman bank) 2 back variants
Batmobile Phone

'91 Film
Batman Returns School Bag
MB 500 piece puzzle of Movie Poster unopenned
3 Batman Returns Folders
EW #123
McDonalds-Batman Returns Paper placemat
McDonalds-Batman Returns seperating Batmobile
McDonalds-Frisbee Batdiscs 91 Film
McDonalds-Batman Returns- Coupon Sheet
Batman Returns Socks (mip)
Batman Returns WHV inflatable Frisbee, video promo
Penguin Pencil, half figure on eraser unsharpened
Sleeping Bag
Souvenier Magazine
Batman Returns- Official Movie Book Plastic Candy Container-Batman figure, movable arms
Applause Mug- Ceramic Head w/ Handle, (MIB)
'95 Film
McDonalds-Paper Cups-Riddler/Two Face, Batman/Robin
McDonalds-Batman Forever-Placemat
T-Shirt - Val Kilmer in costume
Batman Forever Colorforms(mib)
Projection Gun Viewmaster(mib)
Batman Forever Shopping Bag-WB stores
Calendar (mip)
Applause Figure on Steps w/ Batarang
Record Store Soundtrack Advertisement Card
Revell Advertisement- Store Handout
Applause-Plastic head w/ handle
McDonalds-Riddler Glass '95
McDonalds-Batman Glass '95
Small Warner Brothers Studio Store handout-auto. by Doug Moench

Comic Character Merchandise

Calendars-1990-Batman, World's Finest mip
Batman vs. Joker- Signet Book '66
Batman- Signet Book '66
Big Little Book-Batman vs. The Cheetah
Batman- Tempo Books '77
Untold Legends of the DarkKight-mid 80's
Tales of the DarkKnight: the 1st 50 yrs.
Kid Care Batsymbol Bandages (mip)
LeClock Small clock vs. 4 villians (mip)
Spectrastar Batman YoYo (mip)
Spectrastar Joker YoYo (mip)
Shoelaces-Joker Symbol (mip)
Shoelaces-Batsymbol (mip)
large Batman Sleeve Felt Patches 1977-on rope
large Batman Sleeve Felt Patches 1977<-bust in field of batsymbolsbr> Riddler Nightlight, ceramic figure '78
Nasta Batman Sunglasses (mip)
Batman Cologne(smells like a dank batcave) (mip)
The Further Adventures of the Batman
Batman 45 RPM record '66 in cardboard case of 60's comic batman die cut, Wacky tunes-"It's the Batman/ Look out for the Batman"
Fossil Limited Edition Collectors Watch in retangular tin, looks like 40's Bats No. 1
'66 cards- 11A, 34, 4B, 22B
Batman Car Air Freshner(mip)
Batman Button Collection Silver Edition 1-3, Gold Edition-1 (mip)
ElectroOptix Huge Batman vs 4 Villians clock (mip)
"Supercase"-1978 45 single holder- Batman,Robin,Batgirl,DC Villians & Heros
Batsignal Hat-unlicenced
Black Cordouroy Joker Hat-
Batman Silk Screen Tapestry- Fighting Joker
Batman vs. 4 villians Beach Towel
Dorfman PacificBatman Hat
Bob Kane Limited Edition Lithographs- Unsigned set of 2-film & 30's Batman(mip)
BATMAN & ME book autographed by Bob Kane
Applause- Ceramic mug Batman on Rooftop looking at Batsignal(mib)
Batman and Robin Buttons- Gumball Machine Insert '66
Plastic Joker Cereal Bowl - '66 mint
Framed Joker "House of Fun" Poster mip
The Batman Game-University Games Board Game mip
Applause Hanging Cardboard Box w/ Batsignal above Gotham- used for Promotions in Stores, irregular shape- haven't seen another before or since
Plastic Cup-Transparent w/ Cardboard Insert '66
Batman & Robin- Limited Edition Ceramic Plate- 3 in series of 6 DC Super Heros mint
T-Shirts-Batman picture and name, joker holding batman card, batsignal over gotham with field of bats,"batzone"-on rope and profile
Lunchbox(plastic) vs Joker
Quintel LCD watch-Batman mip
Qunitel LCD watch- Joker mip
Kid Care-Batman Bubble Bath body
Joker balloon- large & small sizes
Official Overstreet Comic Guide '89
Gibson Greeting Card- DC 6 heros
Batman Bookmark
Batman Christmas Card w/Joker '90
Batman Greeting Cards '78 w. Penguin
Batman Greeting Cards '78 w/ Robin
Official Batman Batbook
Pins & Buttons-B & R Society '66, Official Batman Club '66, Robin pin '66, Im a Batman CrimeFighter '66, 8 assorted movie & character, Rosencraft Wire pin of Batsignal over gotham
70's fridge magnet
Large White Marble w/ 60's logo
Charter Member


Joker Balloon (89)- Silvery, Large & Small Sizes
Batsymbol NiteLight mip
Pez Dispenser
Buzza Gift Wrap (bat, sup, WW) mip
Batsymbol Squeeze Bottle
Unique brand products-Kid's Party stuff, all MIP: Party Favors/ Loot Bag/ Huge Paper Table Cloth/ Party Balloons/ Blowouts/ Big Plates/ Little Plates/ Cups/ Small Plates/ Beverage Napkins/ Luncheon Napkins/ Invitations/ Hats
Henry Gordy Int'l Products(all moc): NightFlash Sparkle Gun / Pop Gun Target Game/ Crime Fighter Set/ Bat Pistol Target Set/ Survival Kit/ Handcuffs