overlord NAQ

never asked questions
about people who exist

1.1 Who's the publisher?
Look, any chump who pays 50 or 60 bucks a year can publish their crap with either ASCAP or BMI. The difference between them is negligable, so it seems. Based on some iffy advice, we went with ASCAP. So you will note on each CD "Published by The Humans Suspect Nothing (ASCAP)" It actually took ASCAP two years to remove an apostrophe from the word Humans on their database, which some underpaid and understandably inattentive data entry clerk mistyped some months before. The two years involved faxing pages out of a forty-year old Grammar textbook to explain why it was improper usage.

1.2 Who's the rep?
It is to laugh! It's a long funny story involving engraved frisbees. You don't want to know. I don't want to tell. Done!

1.3 What's next?
Writing & recording songs I guess, playing the occasional show, waiting out the end. Yee haw!