You're in Meatland

- a frank reevaluation of existence-

What is Meatland?

Meatland is a low budget/no budget 16mm motion picture that is tentatively scheduled to film as soon as possible.

The story might be seen as anything from a black comedy to a horror movie to a philosophical meandering to a snuff film to a documentary. And that's just the opening credits! The script has been described by some as Dianetics interpreted by Charles Manson and edited by Stephen Jay Gould.

How are we shaped by our memories?

Can we ever get revenge?

Why are we here?

Is Meatland a way of life or just a super market?


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May 19- First scenes filmed
May 20- Lapse back into uncreative dispair
May 21- Get a turkey sandwich
May 22- Give up on Progress Reports
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