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Amusement Park Physics

In the following web page you will learn many things having to do with amusement park physics. Physics is the form of science that deals with energry and matter, and studies the ways that things are moved and work is done.

In an amusement park physics is used so often that people don't even realize it. Without physics in amusement parks, people would be flying off of the rollercoaster, and all of the people on the rides would be seriously injured or dead. With out physics the ride just would not work.

Here's an example of how physics is used in amusement parks. People are always in demand for faster and better rollercoasters. So, engineers have to figure out a way to make the coaster go faster, without it flying off the track that is. This is where physics comes into play. Making the coaster go as fast as it possibly can without anyone getting injured, and making sure that the car will stay on the track is all a part of physics.

So, now that you have learned something about how Physics is used in amusement parks, you can go tell your friends, and hope for me that all of the hard work I put into this page will pay off! Email me and tell me what you think!

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