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My Favorite Superstitions

Accidents- are most frequent when the broad bean is in flower.

Agnes- Persons named Agnes always go mad.

Ants- when ants are most busy, foul weather is acoming.

Apple- stand in front of a looking glass with an apple. Slice the apple into nice pieces stick each piece on the point of a knife and hold it over left shoulder while looking into a mirrior. The spectre of your future husband will appear_to take the apple.

Let a girl pare an apple on Hallowe'en and fling the skin over her left shoulder. She will read in the twists the initials of her future Husband's name.

Ascention Day- If it rains on Ascention Day, though never so little, it foretells a scarity that year, and sickness, particularly among cattle.

The figure of a lamb appears in the sky in the East on this day.

If work continued on Ascention Day, an accident will occur.

Ashes- Before going to bed on New Year's Eve spread the ashes of the raked-out fire smoothly over the floor should the toes of a footprint next morning be seen pointing to the door a member of the householdwill die during the year, should the toe be pointing away from the door, there will be an addition to the family.

Asparagus- It is unlucky not to leave alwaysone stem of asparagus in the bed to blossom.

Asthma- Collect spider webs. roll them into a ball in the palm of your hand and swallow them. the Asthma will be cured.

Baby- On a birth of a baby a knife should be places under the door-sill of the house, lest the little newcomer be stricken with the Evil-eye.

To rock a cradle with the baby not in it is to prognosticate its early death.

Spit upon a new-born baby and you will bring it luck.

Luck will attend a baby's future if it is rubbed with Lard.

If a child is born feet first it will be lamed in an accident before manhood, unless bay leaves are rubbed on the legs within a few hours of birth.

If a baby is allowed to see itself in a looking-glass before it is some months old, it will die before the year is out, or develop the childish complaint, rickets.

To cut a baby's nails before it is a year old will make it go up a theif.

Badger- to carry a badger's tooth in your pocket will bring you good luck at cards.

Baldness- Anoint the bald patches on your head with goose dung, and the hair will grow again.

Black Cats- Never let a Black Cat cross your path, it fortells bad luck.

Latters- Never walk under a latter it's bad luck.

Mirrors- Don't break a mirror, it's worth 7 years of Bad Luck.

Canadian goose- If a Canadian gooses flies into the side of a house and harms itself it is an omen that Someone in the family is going to die.

Superstitions: Love Lore

A superstition is the belief that an object or an action will have influence on one's life. Folklore abounds with superstitions related to love and marriage; here are some of them.

Marriage superstitions:
A bride can ensure good luck in her marriage by wearing something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

It is bad luck for a bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony on their wedding day.

Marry in September's shine,
Your living will be rich and fine;
If in October you do marry,
Love will come but riches tarry;
If you wed in bleak November,
Only joy will come, remember;
When December's showers fall fast,
Marry and true love will last.

Monday for wealth, Tuesday for health,
Wednesday the best day of all;
Thursday for crosses,
Friday for losses,
Saturday no luck at all.

Love superstitions:
Gypsies found the mule with the longest ears and asked it if they would fall in love soon. If the mule shook its head, the answer was yes; if the mule moved one ear, the answer was maybe; and if the mule did not move, the answer was no.

Sure-fire signs you'll fall in love soon:

You stumble going up a flight of stairs.
You have hairy legs.
You dream of taking a bath.
The lines on your palm form an M.
To dream of what your next boyfriend will look like,

Sleep with a mirror under your pillow.
Wear your nightgown inside out.
Rub your headboard with lemon peel before turning off the light.
Count nine stars each night for nine nights.
Put daisies under your pillow at night.
Take a sprig of rosemary and a sprig of thyme.
Sprinkle them three times with water and place each herb in a shoe. Put the shoes at the foot of your bed.
Stand in front of a mirror and brush your hair three times.


In some cultures it is believed if you make a wish on the new moon when it goes thru the phases and returns to the new moon your wish will come true. The egyptians believed that the moon was impregnated by the son and then she let herself scatter among the earth.. They called the moon "mother of the world". Or the mother of the human species. It is commonly believed that one that sleeps with bright moonlight shining directly upon him will become mentally defective.

It was believed that the full moon caused the mentally afflicted to be more upset. In time the work Lunatic, from luna meaning moon, and tic meaning struck, evolved from this belief. When a person sees the new moon for the first time they are to bow to it three times or three times three in honor of the ancient Egyptian Trinity, Osiris, Isis, and Horus, (the father, mother, and son). To see the thin cresent over ones left shoulder is lucky. People believed the moon was made of silver,, so to ask the moon for help for something they would jingle the change in their pockets as they gazed at its glory.

The new moon is a time for planting, courtship, the starting of new business ventures or trip, cutting the hair and fingernail to effect a better growth, and so on. According to Rumanian myth, the Sun had an incestial desire for his sister, Moon. To avoid meeting her brother, Moon went about only at night when she could not be seen. To discourage him, she also made ugly marks on her face. Girls are warned not to stare at the moon or lay in the moonlight, or they will be impregnated by the moon and will give birth to a monster. It is unlucky to view the first new moon thru glass or thru a tree, also unlucky to point at the moon. At first sight of the new moon one should turn a silver coin in his purse or pocket and make a wish. It is said that if a young girl holds a silk hankie at the face of the full moon, desiring to know when she will be married, the number of moons appearing will indicate the number of years she shall wait.

Pigs killed when the moon is waxing will yield bacon richer and fatter. An english tradition holds that a housewife seeing the new moon for the first time should run quickly to her bedroom and turn a bed. To cure warts catch some moonbeams in a metal basin and wash your hands in them saying "I was my hands in thy dish O man in the moon, do grant my wish, And come and take this away"

A ring around the moon is an omen of rain or snow. You will fail if you try to commit robbery on the third day of a full moon. Children born on the full moon will be strong, New moon on a Saturday or Sunday is bad luck and is a omen of rain.

AND FINALLY (even thou there are many more) Glance at the moon over your right shoulder and say:
New moon, new moon, true and bright,
If i have a lover let me dream of him tonite.
If i am to marry far, let me hear a bird cry;
If i am to marry near, let me hear a cow low;
If i am to marry never, let me hear a hammer knock.

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