Spirit Mystery's Spiritual Palace

Spirit Mystery's Spiritual Palace

"Witchcraft to me is a belief in Plural Gods and a Spiritual involvement with Nature"

My ramblings about life and religion and just some basic stuff. Enjoy! *S*
Last updated: March 2, 2008
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How I came to my Path Everyone Has Different Beliefs
Mission of Life My Book of Shadows
Links Witches'Amazing Grace
Pentacle/Pentagram Hush Little Pagan Baby
Nine Woods Branwen's Trad Witch Essay
SelectSmart Religion
Mystical Alphabet About Wicca
Religious Freedom 7 principles of energy
Who Wants to be a Deity?
From About.com
NetGrab Fun Magic 8 Ball
The Bookshelf (Reviews) Magickal Media (books, tv, movies..)
The Piano Link to Me

"The only time a skeptic believes in dreams is when he's asleep."

The Dragon's Den Herbal Revenue
Incense Chamber Aromathepy Lounge
Meditation Lodge Page of the Gods
Lounge of Laughter Potion Page
Stones Mythic Cycles - Junberries
Tarot Spell to Encourage Good Dreams How to Make Witch Balls
The Poetry Corner (Changed & New) Chakras
In Honor of The Burning Times Magick Days
Athame History Candle Colors
How A Candle Burns Healing Spell
Auras and Chakras Pagan Alphabet
How To Make a Candle Food Magick
Robe Colors Karma/Karma Vipaka
The Debate Domain

*~Lunar Lore and Moon Magick~*

The Moon Moonbeam Magick Moon Aspects
Moon Names

Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.
--Marsha Norman

*~Astrology, Parapsychology, & Divination~*

Birthday Tree Zodiac Magick Free Tarot Readings
Crytals as Tarot Aura Chart The Ouija Board
CrystalBall Scrying How to Read a Crystal Ball Numerology for the Home
Mystical Numbers Working with Dreams Protection Method When Tarot Reading
A Tarot Spread Diana's Den -Tarot Tutorial Ur Birth Month Says...
Mandalas Celtic Animal Birth Signs The Dream-Tree
Dream Moods

"Obviously, all religions get corrupted by man. The initial ideas are interesting, but once they get organized, they seem to become about politics and other things and they get misinterpreted" ~Unknown

*~Religous/Pagan/Wiccan Related Articles~*

Where Did Religious Freedom Go? Salem Exoneration School Board: Prayer vs Pagan
Bay High Girl Starts New Club The Story of Ugly (non-religious but heart-warming) Wicked Witch; A 17 story
Convo between the God and Goddess Disney's Witches and Radio

"You can't have everything. Where would you put it?
--Steven Wright

*~Myths and Legends~*

Superstitions The Enchanted Fairy Isle
The Goddess in the Kingdom of Death Brigit of the Celts
Brighid, who is She? The Legend of the Descent of the Goddess
The Farmer and the Goddess Ishtar
The Dark Goddess The Warrior Queen
Wiccan Mysteries The Druid Animale Oracle
The Summer Solstice Second Ritual For Bast
The Irish Fairy Folk Irish Cures
Charge Of The Dark God The Dead Sea Scrolls
Kali Mother Summer Solstice
The Goddess, History & Aspects Armid
Cauldron Lore

"Love is like an hourglass, with the heart filling up as the brain empties."
--Jules Renard

~Waterfall Legends and Native American Culture~

The Thunderbird The Maid of the Mist History of Niagara Falls Natives and Early Settlers
Native Tribe Origins Haudenosaunee Pantheon

~Natural Wonders of Mother Nature~

Cyclone Jim Wild Weather Cloud 9 Tours
Silver Lining Tours NWS Publications Weather Links

Webrings I am in Spirit Mystery's Spirit Page
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The Buddha on Belief - from the Kalama Sutta

"Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe simply because it has been handed down for many generations. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumoured by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is written in Holy Scriptures. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of Teachers, elders or wise men. Believe only after careful observation and analysis, when you find that it agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all. Then accept it and live up to it."

*~My Other Websites:~*

The Psi-chology Site

I give thanks to YahooGroups, Onelist, Egroups, and all my online friends for making this site possible

If you have any ideas what else I can put on here please email me at Spirit_Mystery777@yahoo.com *S*

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The Eye
By Kahlil Gibran

Said the eye one day, "I see beyond these valleys a mountain veiled with blue mist. Is it not beautiful?"

The Ear listened, and after listening awhile said, "But where is the mountain? I do not hear."

Then the Hand spoke and said, "I am trying in vain to feel it or touch it, and I can find no mountain."

And the Nose said, "There is no mountain, I cannot smell it."

Then the Eye turned the other way, and they all began to talk together about the Eye's strange delusion.

And they said, "Something must be the matter with the Eye."

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