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This page has everything you already know about Kev and Brett. Column one has stuff found of the record company's site..I forget their name..I'm not being funny, I really don't know it. Column 2 is just other crap I've found along the way. You may also notice that Brett has more stuff than Kevin, there's no favortism here, it's just that Brett's apparently a big writer..where as Kev's as a big talker.

From the latest questionaire:

Full Name: Kevin Edwardo Mitchell
Date of Birth: 1st October 1976
Earliest Memory: age two running up a hill in the backyard of my uncle and aunties house in England
Childhood Pin-up: Michael Jackson
Silliest Thing You've Done: Started a rock n roll band with my brother and two mates, quit uni and signed a record deal.
Bravest Thing You've Done: as above
Favourite Indulgence: Chocolate, sweets, alcohol (all varieties), sex, drugs the lot really.
Worst Habit: Picking my nose, flatulence, general grubbiness
Three Things You Would Take to a Desert Island: My girlfriend, my guitar and a hacky sack.
Favourite Kitchen Appliance: Knives. Big ones that are really sharp and cut through things with incredible smoothness and ease. Even if you're not that great in the kitchen, or you just hate cooking, a good knife can turn things around, big time.
Whom Do You Most Admire: After myself? John Lennon, Ghandi, anyone peace loving and libran.
If a Movie Was Made of Your Life, Who Would Play You: Mathew Newton. I think he could play me quite well. He's Australian, rather handsome so he'd make me look good.
Tea or Coffee? Coffee in the morning, Tea at night. I'm a complex man.

From a previous questionaire:
Job Description: froggie
first record bought: the froggs debut
favourite record ever: frogstomp
greatest movie ever made: froggie
preferred pastimes: looking at my frog
best gig ever: froggies on the central coast
fave band ever: the froggs
How do you take your coffee: with frogs
Most adored t-shirt: Frogstomp tshirt
Most excellent TV Show: the muppets cos i like kermit lots
Finest Magazine Ever: the times and financial review
most recent piercing: pissed in the dunny just then
where's your tattoo: on vanessa
favourite joke: whyd the frog hop across the road?to see his friend who was also a frog.
how long can you stand up on a surfboard: wots a surfboard
mouthfuls in a schooner: wots a schooner

Other things you just need to know!

Siblings: Kev and there's another brother inbetween them(apparently). Some people think he's in the Jerks video.

Phsyical Attributes: blue eyes, blonde hair, interesting chin decoration, and in photos he has the appearance of being shorter than Chris..could be wrong of course..

SCHOOL: Bullcreek Primary School and Leeming High School [more] He's also uni dropout..he was studying communication studies

Prior Jobs: Apparently a nursing home.

Peircings: Kev used to have an earring! No really he did. If you have their first Recovery visit(1996) on video watch it closely. I'd put a snap up from it, but I'm a twat and scrubbed it!

Tattoos: Yes..a few I think

Operations: Had his appendix removed and showed off his scar, accompanied by a smiley face, on national television.

Hairstyles: Kev's had far too many to count. His new do(which i havent seen) was described as a 'mullet'. The hairstyle recommended for all rockstars!! He's had red hair and blonde. He's had it short/long and even went bald(prolly had nits)...

Body Hair: Kev had thin chinstrap thing going..then everyone else got one...kinda nasty really

Fav Spice Girl: Baby Spice according to the Monument word: EEEEWWWWW!!!!

First OZ Album ever bought: Rat Cat 'Tingles'

Fav Bands: Big Heavy Stuff, Fur, Blur, Tumbleweed, You Am I

First Band Seen Live: Rosemary Beads

Inspiration: Kev can channel Elvis Presley and he tells him what to do, so Kev doesn't really have any talent at all.


From the latest questionaire:

FULL NAME: Brett Alexandero Mitchell
DATE OF BIRTH: 11th June 1974
EARLIEST CHILDHOOD MEMORY: Knocking myself out on a concrete slab in the backyard, running about as kids do. I remember being fascinated by the dreamy, out-of-body experience that ensued. Possibly caused irreversible damage to my soft young brain, some would say this explains many things about my personality.
CHILDHOOD PIN-UP: Oscar the Grouch
SILLIEST THING YOU'VE DONE: No particular incident stands out from a massive and ongoing list.
BRAVEST THING YOU'VE DONE: I'm not a big risk-taker, and I've never been called upon to risk my life before or anything like that. Performing on stage was terrifying at first, so I guess the bravest thing I've done was to persevere with something that seemed to go completely against my nature. It took a while to realise that no-one really noticed me up the back anyway, became easier after that.
FAVOURITE INDULGENCE: Sleep, or more accurately sleeping in. Otherwise all the usual stuff, most of which unfortunately is bad for me, apparently....
WORST HABIT: Biting my nails. I used to bite my toenails too, but the physical flexibility of my youth is long gone.
THREE THINGS YOU WOULD TAKE TO A DESERT ISLAND: My Gameboy Advance, a fishing rod and a shortwave transceiver.
FAVOURITE KITCHEN APPLIANCE: Coffee maker. The proper cafe style type with a milk frother. Mmmmm mornings used to be so surly....
WHOM DO YOU MOST ADMIRE: Heath and Kristy, our management team. I would have given up long ago. ;-)
IF A MOVIE WAS MADE OF YOUR LIFE, WHO WOULD PLAY YOU: Winona Ryder. I am unable to substantiate that choice whatsoever.
TEA OR COFFEE? See question 11. Even though my parents were British, there's no competition. Sorry Mum.....

From a previous questionaire:
Name: [apparently nameless]
Job Description: Sony Recording Artiste
first record bought: 'The Sunny Boys IV' - The Sunny Boys
favourite record ever: The Sunny Boys IV' - The Sunny Boys
greatest movie ever made: Spaceballs
preferred pastimes: Sleeping/sleeping in, watching television, masturbation, high altitude chess
best gig ever: Last night
fave band ever: The Sunny Boys (post 1974)
How do you take your coffee: From behi... oh, I mean white with three
Most adored t-shirt: Any I don't pay for
Most excellent TV Show: Kenneth Copeland Ministries er.. hour of..or something, I'm not totally sure what it's called
Finest Magazine Ever: Um, I quite like Juice
most recent piercing: Ankle
where's your tattoo: In my drawer, I haven't unwrapped it yet
favourite joke: (see question two)
how long can you stand up on a surfboard: On ground - ages, I s'pose On water - not
mouthfuls in a schooner: Is this a trick question? Why do you want to know how big my mouth is? And how many mLs in a schooner anyway? I've had enough now.......

Other things you just need to know!
Now as it's obvious to see, there is less here than Kev's site. And thats easy to explain. Kev is a really big talker in theres always gonna be more about him!

Siblings: Kev and there's another brother inbetween them. Some people think he's in the Jerks video.

Physical Attributes: brunette, hairy navel (eeww), beard, taller than me!(but then David the gnome is taller..)

School: One can only assume they were the same. Also a uni dropout. I know I read somewhere what he was doing, but it would take the rest of my life to find it!

Prior Jobs: WA Salvage. For those not aware of what it is (shame on you!) it's a funky junk/hardware shop!!

Peircings: don't think so..but anything is possible!

Tattoos: don't know

Hairstyles: Brett seems to either have hair, or not have hair. If you see the old pics of Jebs he had a ponytail! (or there was something behind his head in all shots)

Body Hair: Normally has a 3-day growth thing some stages he looks more like a woolly mammoth(didn't you watch your OSS cd rom??), and when he gets really bored he shaves it all off!

Fav Bands: Warrant

Inspiration: Brett summons the energy of Rick Allen's Left arm.


Kev - I really hope not, as hair is probably my biggest downfall. My whole life has been one massive bad hair day. If I was in a musical it would be a really bad version of Hair The Musical. If I was a supermodel, I'd be Sarah O'Hair, except really ugly. Anyway, I guess image is all about hair, and clothes and looks, so if you fail miserably at all these things and still have mates and a few people that think you're pretty cool, well then it doesn't really matter. Image is only important when you got no friends and everyone hates you. Then you have to start from scratch and get that first impression thing happening.
Brett - Judging from the incredible time and effort some people invest in their hairstyles I would have to agree that hair seems to be a primary factor. I have tried the two main styles that I deemed to require the least maintenance; long (doesn't need to be cut) and short (can cut it myself). Neither really worked that well, so I've pretty much given up worrying about it. In our line of work, sunglasses may rate a close second to hair in the image stakes, especially indoors. People who worry excessively about image normally like to hang out only with similarly obsessed types, so everyone else can relax really, can't they?

PLAGURISM(or however its spelt)

As a kiddie Kev played football. A friend of a friend actually has pics of this but won't show them off.
This is an extract from the latest Juice magazine
Chris - ...He remembers first meeting Kev when he joined footy. Kev spent the first practise pretending to be David Attenborough, talking in a Brit accent about 'the resilience of common grass." "That same training he managed to convince me he and a couple of other boys in the team from Bull Creek primary had a band, and that they had a gig coming up at school,"
Vanessa - Kev met Vanessa in a theatre production of Annie at Leeming High school. "He was a real charming kid, this little white haired boy, singing and dancing his heart out," .... "He was always a joker, a lot of personality. He's the guy who could work a crowd from the age of 15."
What Kev has to say about Brett - 'Inside Brett is very sensitive and very caring and loving," says Kev. "Brett as a kid was ten times smarter than anyone his age in Year One and Year Two, so he was constantly taken out of class to Year Four and Year Five Maths and English and stuff. It was obvious that this kid was on a higher intellectual level than all the other kids. But he got teased shitloads, he got beaten up, he didn't have any friends, he was ostracised, and that turned him to a bit of a thug as well. He was a real troublemaker, he was kicked out of pre-school, he was taken to specialists and doctors to try and figure out what was wrong with him but they couldn't. He wasn't colour blind, he didn't have ADD. They tested him and he just went along thinking it was all quite amusing."
Kev's pleased to see him coming out of his shell in the band. The other members admit they didn't even know Brett existed as Kev's brother until Kev begged him to step in when the original drummer proved unreliable. "I fell really proud that I pushed in the right direction," he says. "He'd be working at WA Salvage still, just doin' nothing if it wasn't for this band. he's probably gotten more out of this experience than any of us."
What Brett says - Oldest of the bunch by a year, brett doesn't give much indication of a troubled youth. Rather he's dry, cynical, mature, funny, and just a little reserved. Later he offers a quick synopsis on Kev, commandeering the tape recorder and speaking in the voice of a mock radio ponce. "The light is on. The spindle is rotating," he takes a breath. "So. Kevin Mitchell. Three years my junior, chronologically. In other ways possibly more advanced than I. I've known him for many many years now, as long as almost anyone. I love him dearly. I think he should lose the chin-strap, but that's purely aesthetic, and I'm sure that he has some views about me that are best left unaired as well. What can I say, it's a brotherly thing."
If you want the magazine!!