Welcome to The River's Open Mike Night. OMN is the longest running local and regional music program in the Harrisburg, York and Lancaster area. Here I hope to answer some burning questions that you might have.

Q: Are you still doing that local music show on Sunday Night?

A: The show has been on for 14 years, at Ten O' Clock Sunday nights. I don't do this show for my health. Why don't you turn on a radio or log onto and find out? I won't make you do any paperwork. I promise. I mean.. I don't ask you if you still got your gig in the Whirlybirds do I?

Q: How can I get my song played on the OMN?
A: The first thing I need you to do is *Listen to the show*. If you think your song will fit nicely with what the radio station is doing format wise, then I urge you to send me a CD, to The River's Open Mike Night. 600 Corporate Circle. Harrisburg Pa. 17110.

Q: How about an MP3?
A: 'How about a CD.

Q: Do you take requests?
A: As a matter of fact I do!! But let me let you in on a little secret. Y'ready for this? Ok... With the exception of The Beatles and Elvis.. No singer or band has been SO good, that when the radio listening audience heard it for the first time, it brought on a flood of requests. And I am sure that your band is really good, or you wouldn't be reading this. But I don't get 45 requests a night for songs people "know". If I get 45 requests for The Whirlybirds from Duncannon, I suspect that the band's friends are behind this, before I suspect I am on the verge of the next Beatlemania.. That being said.. If I suspect that you are flooding my request lines with people who aren't even listening to the show. I *WILL* take a band saw after the your CD. Don't doubt me. Drop me a line, call in once or twice, fine. 250 requests do not tell me the song is great. It tells me you are a pain in my ass.

Q: Will you say something for our press kit?
A: Sure..

Q: Can we come on your show?
A: Yes.. *BUT*.. I have some rules. First of all, You MUST provide me with music at least 3 weeks before your visit. I will make exceptions for bands who have submitted material earlier (for example you did a disc a year ago and you want to premiere the next one). I'm not going to budge on this.

Q: I don't like that.
A: First of all, that's not a question. Secondly, get your own show, make your own rules. My show, my rules.

Q: Any other helpful hints?
A: Lets see... Make sure your disc has a listing of song titles, either in the case or on the disc. At the very root of my job, it is my responsibility to tell the radio listener what song they just heard, so that they can search you out on the MyFace pages and add you. A disc marked "The Whirlybirds basement demo". Does not help me, or you. Help me - help you.
Make sure your disc is appropriate for airing on the radio.

Q: Will you notify me when you are going to play my disc?
A: No.

Q: Why?
A: Because.