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Dragon ball Z Piccolo


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Hello my dragon ball Z freaks. Thank you for viewing my page, I am currently finishing it off dont worrk i'll be done soon. this page is going to contain a lot of friggen info on dragon ball Z and Piccolo san!!!! First of all i would like to say hello to all of janeba crew and the rest of the teken family Dont worry i'll be finish soon.. I got a lot of friggen work to do, also i am creating a joke page for thoes who like stupid jokes. bad jokes

Piccolo's Life

Piccolo was born in the dragon ball series. His father's name was Piccolo Diahamo (or something) Katakana was his real name. Piccolo's father was killed by Goku. Before Piccolo died his father spat out a egg which contains the piccolo we now know today. He had to live in the wilderness by himself ( later on in the series he threw gohan ,goku's son in the wilderness). Piccolo battled goku in the tournment, underestimated the sayin and was defeated Fortunitly Goku let Piccolo live by giving him a senzu seed.

3 or 4 years later

Piccolo teamed up with Goku to fight a enemy stronger than both of the two Warriors. He teamed up with Goku to fight radditz ( raddish goku's older brother) a sayain warrior. Piccolo hated working with Goku but he had his plans for taking over the world and didn't want radditz interfering. Piccolo's power level was only 320. Goku's was 330. Gohan was kidnapped ( I forgot to write ) by radditz. His energy level was 710. ( strong for a little boy) radditz energy level was 1,200. The three warriors fought extremely hard and Piccolo killed goku and radditz with his makanscopssapo!!. Piccolo took Gohan to train cause the other sayains were coming ( nappa and the prince Vegita which is now king cause hi planet was destroyed by freezer) these two warriors were very strong. Piccolo threw Gohan into the wilderness to survive on his own. With these word he told gohan made me realize that piccolo is th esmartes of all the Z warriors " If you must hate something, hate your destiny which is just like mine".

After 1 year

After 1 year of training Piccolo's power level went up from 330 to 1,480, o yea he destroyed the moon.......The other sayains arrived on the planet earth. They faced Piccolosan and the Z warriors. during the time in the wilderness Piccolosan grew attached to the boy. He died for gohan when Nappa used his special attack trying to kill Gohan. Any way most of the Z warrors were defeated along with Piccolo. Piccolo went to get training from king Kia, But before that Goku defeated Vegeta.

Freezer series

In the freezer series Piccolo was at king kia for training along with the rest of the z warriors. To skip a little. Piccolo fought Freezer after he fuse dwith a namek warrior named Nail Nail was the strongest namek warrior. When he fused with Piccolo Piccolo became the strongest of the Z Warriors. I repeat the strongest. He fought freezer and beat threw in a few serious lashes to freezer. Freezer was amazed at Piccolo's Power.At this point Piccolo's power level was 800,000.

Cell Series

In this series, Piccolo finally recieved his true power. He fused with Kame his counter part to become even more powerful. Once again Piccolo became one of the strongest fighter in dragon Ball z. His power level increased to 16,000,000,000 . Like i said before this is Piccolo's page I am not going to talk about the sayajins. He fought Cell by himself. Unlike the rest of the Z warriors Piccolo was beating Cell by him self. Piccolo hates robots, and that can be proven in the cell series when he kills number 20 (i think ) and Beats the hell out of number 19 (i think) i am not sure about the numbers. If you saw that fight then you would become a piccolo fan also. Dont you realize that Piccolo in his final power level was 28,000,000,000 Goku's in his form three power level was 37,500,000,000. I wonder what his power level is when in normal state. Couldn't Piccolo increase his power level as goku did? I think so. Not to say that Piccolo is stronger than goku, but he sure is close to it. Not only fighting experience does Piccolo have but knowledge. Knowledge that enabled the sayajins to fuse. If it weren't for Piccolo ... well you know. Fusion with kame made Piccolo one of the strongest and most powerful of the Z warriors. people sleep on Piccolo to much and it isnt't right. If it wasn't for Piccolo The dragon ballz would not exist. Truly Piccolo is a warrior. Unlike Krillin he has the courage to fight even the most deadly of opponents. Example Brolly. Piccolo was out matched completly but he still fought.

Boo series

Although Piccolo was no seen that much in this series cause he was turned to stone, not much can be said except that he taught the z warriors how to fuse. By now his power level was 28,000,000 million. in a stable state. Until i get more info thats all i know right now.
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