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POW / MIA   &   Veteran Links


Visit these sites to learn more about POW / MIA & Veteran Issues:


The American Legion Homepage

Big Lou's Gulf War Links Page

Big Lou's Home Page

Bobby Ross Home Page - A web page for American Veterans

Canadian POW*MIA Information Centres

Coalition of Families of Korean & Cold War POW/MIA's

Col. Ted Guy USAF (Ret)

Dave Murray's Home Page

Desert Storm Mom's Home Page

Doc's 'A' Bag

Doc's Locker (Welcome)

Faces Of The Wall

Firebase Freedom

Freedom Runs
A new Website by Lisa Landis

Friends of the Forgotten

Friends of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Gunny Fallon's "Meadow Years"

Karl's Korner POW/MIA/Veterans/USS Mansfield DD-728

Library of Congress POW/MIA Database

Lost & Found - Vets & Friends of Vets looking for Vets

Military Network


NamVet Newsletter for Vietnam Veterans

National Alliance of Families

NAF's Vietnam War Home Page

NAF's Veteran Links

National League Of Families

Nat'n Vets Organization

Native American Vietnam Veterans

Northwest Veterans for Peace

Northwest Veterans' Newsletter

Operation Just Cause

POW/MIA Advocates


POW's & MIA's Project Interstate (Sanfiel)

POW'S & MIA'S Memorial Interstates (Whimsey)

POW/MIA Web Ring

POWs Posted Missing on Today's Date
(Page of Scope System)

POW Network - Operation Smoking Gun

Reaper's Edge

River Rats Home Page

River Rats List of other Veteran Sites

Rolling Thunder® Chapter 1 IN

Rolling Thunder® Chapter 1 New Jersey
National Office

Rolling Thunder® Chapter 2 New Jersey

Rolling Thunder® Chapter 1 Ohio

Rolling Thunder® Chapter 2 Ohio

Rolling Thunder® Chapter 1 PA

Scope Systems Home Page
(1st WWW Site - Industrial Electronic Repairs)

Spirit Duv's Home Page

They Will Not Be Forgotten

Three's In - the Vietnam POW Home Page #1

Three's In - Vietnam POW Home Page #2

(Page of Scope Systems)

U.S. Veteran Dispatch (Ted Sampley)

U.S. Veteran Dispatch Home Page

Vet Connection

Veterans of the Vietnam War Inc.

Veterans Organizations and Support Groups

Vietnam Helicopter Crew Members Association

Vietnam Internet Magazine

Vietnam Veterans Home Page

Vietnam Veterans Updates


Virtual POW/MIA Bracelets

War Owl's Veteran Page

Welcome to Doc's Locker


Women  Veteran   Links:

Gulf War Female Vets

Military Woman Home Page

Our Sisters  Pam Young's New Site

The Vietnam Women's Memorial Wall

Women are Veterans Too!

Women in Military Service for America

Women in Vietnam

Women Marines Association Homepage

Zippo's Corner
Major Mark Smith's New Site



  Disabled Veterans Organization

To Find Out  What You Can Do To Help Our Disabled Veterans,

Contact Your Local Veteran's Administration Offices OR

Contact The Nearest Veteran's Hospital.

These Men Ask For So Little,

After Giving So Much.

Personal Tributes:

In  Country  Women

This gallery is for and about the women who served in Vietnam, in military and civilian roles.


Stories, Poems, and Pictures; Vietnam Veteran Memorials; Search Aids for The Wall in D.C. and by State; A Glossary of Terms; and More.

Ted Guy's Hanoi

Testimonials from former POWs as well as POW Camp maps, overflight views of the POW camps and diagrams of the layout of the camps and prison cells.



Survivors Surplus - Camouflage Clothing & Military Equipment



Take a stand, and let your

elected officials know what you think.

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  Big Lou's Adopted POW/MIAs


  Big Lou





Send A Self Addressed Stamped Envelope To:


2418 21st S.E.

Puyallup, Wash. 98374

Stickers Are Provided By:

Jeff McIntyre, Vietnam Veteran 68 - 69
82nd ABN/109th Air Delivery 30% DAV

Jeff's Father, Edward McIntyre, survived the "Bataan Death March" during WWII,
then spent three years in a series of POW camps waiting for the war to end.
Edward McIntyre survived the POW camps but died in 1977.

E-Mail Jeff 


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