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Hellooooo everyone!

Welcome to my site *S* I made this page for all of my online friends to show a little of Malaysia, the country I come from, and to thank all for the warm friendship they have extended me across the seas.

No, that is NOT my pic in here ...LOL..

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Have funnnnn...
....Nina *S*

With Love From Patty (Icecream)
My Birthday Page

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Kuala Lumpur by Nite

Cultural Dances of Malaysia

Tioman Island

Mulu Caves of Sarawak

Useful Links on Malaysia

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A beautiful poem from a dear friend
Thank you, Seal *S*

There's a friend I have from far away,
Whose laughter is silent - yet echoes loud.
Always bringing joy and it's here to stay,
she's the bright spot in any crowd.
She's a friend with a silent voice,
Whose finger tips reach far - yet near,
A stranger only in distance,
this friend I hold so close and dear.
~ m2 ~

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My deepest thanks to Psychobabbler for helping me
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Page Created by Nina

Please Note:
Pictures and graphics in all of my webpages are taken
from magazines, postcards and brochures..
and music from Malaysian website.
All credit goes to those concerned. If there are any
objections to them being up, please let me know.
Thank you.