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Niecey Fan Club

Hello People. Welcome to Denise's Fanclub. Don't you feel special knowing that you made it? Denise is very special. Just how special is she you ask?? VERY! Even ask her boyfriend Pat.

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On September 2nd Niecey and Pat broke up. Now you can E-mail her Ex-boyfriend.
Niecey is a great person. She is a Sophomore at Archbishop Wood High School in Pennsylvania. Soccer plays a very big role in her life. It takes up a lot of her time. She went on a trip this Summer with one of her teams, The Wildcats, to Minnesota for a tournament. She had a blast!! Especially with Brian. I have known Denise for a while. We both went to the same grade school,Nativity of our Lord. Her parents Mr. and Mrs. Unruh are really cool and so is her little sister Jenny. She loves her favorite soccer player Cobi Jones who plays for the Galaxy

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