Okay okay.

Something short.

I can do this...even with a stagnant brain, right? What could I possibly have to say? I refuse to go on a rant about my situation. It's a bore. Suffice it to say I feel like the plant which keeps trying in vain to have a life in that little crack in the sidewalk where strangers walk and the mower blade is predictable and sharp.

Small things...hmmm.

Sitting in McDonald's parking lot drive-thru with Jessica; she points out sparrows being tossed fries as I casually expose my wrist and inner arm to the cashier, palm up with cash. Vulnerable posture...invitation to a blood-letting. It's what you do when you're in the hospital lab. Expose a vulnerable site and trust someone else. Watch someone you don't know have their way with your life's fluid. Hospital. McDonalds. Beepers are going off right and left like at work. I hate time being measured so feverishly everywhere I go.

Jessica is accustomed to the glazed-over look on my face, knows she's lost me to LaLa Land. Her head tilts forward with a look, voice louder. "Mom, you've GOTTA see this. I thought you LIKED birds." Beyond her, through the window is a comedy. Now, you know I've watched birds countless times eating fries in such parking lots. Starlings, finches, whatever. But it was never quite like this. Sparrows took short, quick hops to the fries. Hops so straight up and down and HIGH and FAST it was as if they were on invisible pogo sticks. All of them. Their little birdie feet literally bounced up off the pavement. We could hear them hit, light scritchy scratchy sounds. Bouncing and flouncing like a bunch of Tiggers. Overall the flock movement resembled popcorn popping. Funniest was just after they'd pick up a large fry and pogo off with it. Pogo birds, fries hanging limp from their beaks, dangling and flopping with each hop. I think you just had to be there to get what I mean. It was the exaggeration of it all. Jessica and I laughed out loud (cyber pun intended). I don't know what caused such exhuberant behavior. Maybe they were famished. I dunno. Sorry substitutes for worms or seeds, those fries. Amazing what will suddenly seem acceptable when you feel a bit lazy, huh?

Everywhere I look I see the back-tilted heads of adults, teens, and kids sucking pop like babies with bottles. The posture is so strikingly similar. Some drink while they walk. The need and whining is still present in adults for some comforting drink. For a split second it seems as though everyone is discussing what they'll drink next and where they'll get it from. We stand in front of a pop machine, hoping against hope it's not a change(or dollar)eater, strain to hear that metallic thud from deep in the core just before the rumbly roll...a thud that causes an internal YES! Then we toddle off with our bottles to mingle with other adult babes. Mine says Pepsi, and sometimes Coke. It's summer. Eeeeeee-hah.