Ravens look like people.

Crows look like birds.

Steve Williamson

I feel like a wild raven today. We have much in common. When I see or feel others in the distance or periphery of my territory today, I want to take flight. I want to disappear as a mysterious dark shadow...silent but for the air whooshing neath my wings. I want to call raucously in the distance for my own pleasure; by the time you arrive at wherever you thought I was, I'll have soared many miles hence.

Some quotes from Ravens in Winter by Bernd Heinrich:

the book was dedicated......."to all the Raven Maniacs Who Answered The Call"

"My ravens are also unusually shy, flying off if they see someone stop to look at them even from a distance."

"The raven is big, black, and beautiful. Its highly glossed plumage shows iridescent greens, blues, and purples, shining like a black dewdrop in the light."

"It is an imposing bird."

"According to Nordic legend, Odin, the lord of gods, kept a pair of ravens perched on his shoulders. They were Hugin (Thought) and Munin (Memory), and he sent them out at dawn to reconnoiter to the ends of the earth. At night they returned and whispered into his ear the secrets they had learned."

"I approach them at once, drawn by an irresistible force. There is no reason. I just have to go. From past experience I already know that the birds are at an animal carcass. The question is what have they found this time"

"They vanish like black ghosts in the fog among the white birch trunks. Silence returns.

"There is no greater pleasure than eating roasted moose while resting under a spruce and contemplating ravens. I have time, and I listen."

"I hardly sleep in anticipation of the dawn, imagining over and over a raven majestically coming in from the forest..."

"We wonder how anyone could possibly be interested in the many mundane and often artificial things that seem to absorb so many people, when nature is so exciting and so available."

As I cam'by you ould house end

I saw two corbies* sitting theron,

The tane unto the t'other did say,

"O whare sall we gae dine the day?"

"Whare but by yon new fa'en birk,

There, there lies a new slain knight;

Nae mortal kens that he lies there

But his hawks and hounds, and his ladye fair.


From an old Scottish ballad

(corbie is a Scot's word for raven"

I'm going to out to find some birds this minute...but I doubt I'll see any ravens.

Jan 30