This is NOT the psychic's late again and I've been playing with candles...and then I spied my cam. That made for some fun. Yikes. Bear with my candle fun here on this page. I named the last candle pic down there "nancydrew" as in "The Mystery of the Hidden Staircase".
Now that I'm in this "mood" I don't know what I want to write about. But while I was looking for something to light my candles with I had to laugh at myself. Like mother, like daughter? Everything...I have to hide everything from my kids. The very lighter I was looking for was hidden. Hidden for so long I couldn't even find it, but I kept running into other things I'd hidden. Mostly what was making me laugh was my myriad hiding places. It's an unspoken game that never ends. They always find and snitch my STUFF! I kept running into this and that, saying to self "aaaaaah...oh yeah!"
I've hidden chocolates in cupboards and drawers setting up all manner of optical illusions. Each hiding place has its day in the sun. But when no place seems to work for a reliable length of time, I decide to stash it right under their noses, such as in a tin which held boring odds and bits they never have need of RIGHT BESIDE MY PUTER. The very best place that no one has ever found for such goodies is when I put them in a vegetable box in the freezer...especially boxes/bags labeled PEAS. Ah, the things I've resorted to for the sake of chocolate. Oh to be Ms. Willie Wonka!

But then there's the toothbrush thing! How can a person lose a toothbrush? I do not mean toddlers now! I mean I buy these girls toothbrushes and they frickin lose them! Or so goes their logic/excuses for using mine! I never lose my just gets stolen! by kids. Now if anyone should lose one, it should be me because I'm most likely to tote it around, especially with these braces always needing attended to. And I grant the possibility of an occasional loss for ANY reason. But my daughters consistently lose the damn things. Maybe it's from staying overnight here and there or at their dad's, it suddenly occurs to me. Anyhow, I hide mine all the time. It's currently slipped into a pitcher which lies on its side in the cupboard not seeing much use until summertime (the pitcher not the toothbrush.)
So every morning I look around to see that I'm alone, slip it out, brush and slip it back. My god, a mother's world can suck! I feel like I'm really getting away with something the longer it remains on location and intact. What else do I hide? Hair jewelry and hairbands, my brush/comb, Q-tips, jewelry in general, body powder, deodorant, perfume, clothes, towels, pens, make-up, my cds if I want them to survive, conditioner, my favorite mug, matches & lighters, nail clippers and tweezers, nailpolish and remover, pix, my god, the list is endless. You wouldn't believe all the stuff flooding into my mind. My whole life is a hide & go seek mess! Right now I have a bag of Sixlets they know about so the game is on! Once they know I've got it they actively seek. What fun!

My mission for tonight is to hide 2 bottles of conditioner which my girls have no appreciation for except for the fact that they're mine. They don't know I got them, so that's in my favor. It's my favorite by Freeman called "Real Shiny Hair"...Freeman also makes some lavender colored kind called "Super Straight Hair" which I also love, but this kind has such an awesome smell! Like orange sherbet or tangerines or something. I have a major peeve about the latest trend of shampoo/conditioner makers having every goddamn thing smell like APPLES! I have nothing against apples! I love them. But just because they use that scent a lot in hair salons is no f---n reason to make a bunch of "salon-scented" shampoos. It used to be fun to pick out something new, but now go along the whole aisle and smell apple apple, frickin-frackin apple shit! Hair spray, gel, everything apple! I am pukin sick of apple-scented hair shit! I almost wrote to my favorite hair companies to complain of them turning everything into apple scent, but said to myself "Get a damn life! Deal with it!" So I'm waiting...waiting...waiting for something different...and along comes this stuff which works well AND smells absolutely outrageously delicious and DIFFERENT! Here it is.

I was/am ecstatic. Only it's not the cheapest...but hey! I've waited this long. I won't buy a different kind of conditioner just for the smell if it doesn't PERFORM...but it does so I'm happy now. Just so long as the girls don't discover my cache. They are quite content with Pantene Pro V, which is another option to the apple bin, but it doesn't do much good for my hair. Wow, it felt so good to get rid of that gripe. Thanks for listening. lol

You've just passed through a ring of fairies!