Questions I am Often Asked

I've been told that a lot of people are reading my stories now. Recently I've been getting e-mail asking me some questions about it. Here are some of the most common questions.

How old are you?

I'm 19. Almost finished being a teenager

What the heck inspires you to write some of these outragious chapters?

There's an easy one. ME! I'm the biggest klutz, goof, dork... etc... there is. That should answer your question.

Which characters in your stories are based on real people?

Well, the only ones that AREN'T are Meli, Gabi, Abby, and Todd. And everybody in Mill Creek.

Well then, who is everybody else based on.

Nique, and Natie are based on Heather, my best friend.

Zac is based on me, even more than Carter is. But of course all the Hanson are based on themselves, and the fact that I believe there's a lot we don't know about them.

Jess was based on a girl on the computer I knew that was hit by a car and killed. Which if you think about it could explain why I ended that story so suddenly.

Justine is, get this, Justine. She is also the same girl that was Claudia in "Alissa Hanson"

Melissa started off being every prep I've ever known, with her little hint of modesty and shyness.

Do you have any stories in mind in that little book of yours?

Little book? That thing is three inches thick and heavy as hell. But yeah of course. I have actually 3 novels written and get this, they aren't fan fiction! *gasp* hehe.

Why did you delete Alissa?

It was offensive to Hanson and their family. Period.

Why did you break up Carter and Zac again?

I got bored. I was all blocked and the minute I broke them up again, ideas started coming. I've also always been more into Taylor and Carter.

Is Melissa always going to be a bitch?

In my opinion, preps, and popular people always have that in them. It's the way they are. It doesn't always make them bad people, but they are always going to have that hint of popularity and preppiness in them. But I've really tried to make her nicer, I think she needs to find happiness in her life.

Why is Charmed everybody's favorite show in ALL of your stories?

Because Charmed is the best show in the world.

Have you thought of doing fanfiction other than Hanson?

Simplicity is Joey Gordon-Levitt fan fiction and I once tried to do a Charmed fan fiction story. Maybe someday.

In Simplicity, Piper and Natalie have to be real people. Are they?

Yes, it was the first time I did a story with myself as a main character. I'm Piper, and Natie is my best friend and cowriter, Heather.

What did you model Carter after?

Carter has a lot of my personality in her. Zac has the same illness that I do. And the house they live in is the house I used to live in until I was 11 years old.

Do you realize that you are the worst speller on the face of the planet?

Uhm... yeah. So?