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Chapter 1 (The Pool)

Chapter 2 (The Balcony)

Chapter 3(Walkie Talkies)

Chapter 4(Bloody fists)

Chapter 5(Head on his lap)

Chapter 6(Doritos)

Chapter 7(Crying and Kissing)

Chapter 8(Naked Tay)

Chapter 9(The letter)

Chapter 10(I'll spend the night.)

Chapter 11(Knives and screams)

Chapter 12(Better not find you sleeping with Tay)

Chapter 13(What the hell do you mean Ike wants to look at my....)

Chapter 14(I love you)

Chapter 15(He's my soulmate)

Chapter 16(A dress)

Chapter 17(Well then, I'll hate my brother too. K?)

Chapter 18(Yer drooling again.)

Chapter 19(I said knock it off Mr. Ape. Not tonight!)

Chapter 20(Wishing Heart)

Chapter 21(Carter, get off of your sister.)

Chapter 22(Whisper in the Wind)

Chapter 23(I know what love is.)

Chapter 24(Sorry this took so long peoples.)

Chapter 25(Bruises)

Chapter 26(You fucking hermit)

Chapter 27(Uh huh.)

Chapter 28(Dude, that's a guy?)

Chapter 29(Knock out)

Chapter 30(Mr. Nemo Delicatessan)

Chapter 31(LA LOCA!)

Chapter 32(Just, don't be so chummy with Tay.)

Chapter 33(Uncle Fucker.)

Chapter 34(Walkaway)

Chapter 35(Pregnant with Todd's baby)

Chapter 36(I don't want snake goo all over my ass.)

Chapter 37(Are you schizo?)

Chapter 38(Cheap Barbie wannabe whore)

Chapter 39(Hug)

Chapter 40(Keg)

Chapter 41(Ok Mr. Soap Opera)

Chapter 42(Fluffy Wuffy)

Chapter 43(I always get what I want.)

Chapter 44(Aura of Asshole)

Chapter 45(Damn Regis!)

Chapter 46(Jade)

Chapter 47(Sure it's illegal in 49 states...)

Chapter 48(In the middle of the night)

Chapter 49(Sleepwhacking)

Chapter 50(New Years Eve part 1)

Chapter 51(New Years Eve part 2)

Chapter 52(The Aftermath)

Chapter 53(WINTER SUCKS)

Chapter 54(Peep show for Todd)

Chapter 55(Bianca and some Brain Damage)

Chapter 56(The magical magical woman)

Chapter 57(Aren't girls supposed to do the sucking?)

Chapter 58(You know that Gabi chick? She has a penis.)

Chapter 59(You saw me naked?!)

Chapter 60(The Accident)

Chapter 61(Happy Birthday, Taylor.)

Chapter 62(Apologies)

Chapter 63(Try kissing her next time.)

Chapter 64(I don't need another Zac.)

Chapter 65(The Gift [or.. Dude I'm not fat])

Chapter 66(You are a magical magical woman, part 2)

Chapter 67(Flaming yard)

Chapter 68(Chance encounter)

Chapter 69(Stupid Bitch)

Chapter 70("Mike Daily")

Chapter 71(Justine... Tarren?!)

Chapter 72(Save My Life)

Chapter 73(Death By Carter)

Chapter 74(A visit from Beth)

Chapter 75(Dancing)

Chapter 76(I'm not against long distance relationships)

Chapter 77(Midnight Cries)

Chapter 78(Pool Hopping)

Chapter 79(Finally...)

Chapter 80(...What Dreams May Come)


Chapter 82 ("Now give me back my bra before I flatten your manhood.")

Chapter 83(Spoken like a true romantic dork.)

Chapter 84(Counting Que Pasa's)

Chapter 85(6:00 am)

Chapter 86("I'll kick their ass all the way down the gutter.")

Chapter 87("Stop Violating the parking meter.")

Chapter 88("KILL IT!!!")

Chapter 89(The Last Word)

Chapter 90(Death to Taylor and Invisible Food)

Chapter 91(Denture Cleanser Tablet)

Chapter 92(More important than Air)

Chapter 93(A loss so deep is never forgotten.)

Chapter 94(Sand and Water)


Chapter 96(Two Tears fall from mine...)

Chapter 97(Taylor is a whore.)

Chapter 98("Zac, he's handcuffed to a bed, you really think he'll be able to move?".)

Chapter 99("Why is Carter's face in your crotch?".)

Chapter 100("Zac's the one with the long hair, right??".)

Chapter 101(Marshmallow Fluff)

Chapter 102(Snow Demons)

Chapter 103(Ski Baywatch {adventures in Williamsport})

Chapter 104(Return of Tom {adventures in Williamsport 2})

Chapter 105(Hello)

Chapter 106(Explanations)

Chapter 107(You don't know what love is.)

Chapter 108(Gabi)

Chapter 109(The Garage)

Chapter 110(I'M NAKED!!! [Prank of the Century])

Chapter 111(Lucifer)

Chapter 112("Noises coming from the walls, Taylor can suck my giant...")

Chapter 113(The Fall)

Chapter 114(Strength)

Chapter 115(You're the reason I live, you're the reason I die.)

Chapter 116(Coyote Piper)

Chapter 117(The revelation)

Chapter 118(Gift of the Charmed Ones)

Chapter 119(IT'S RAINING MEN!)

Chapter 120(Transvestite Experiments)

Chapter 121(Gosh he's purdy.)

Chapter 122(The neighbor's cat is PISSED OFF.)

Chapter 123("I think she's back.")

Chapter 124("Next time I start to sound like Isaac, smack me.")

Chapter 125(Lyrics by Zac Hanson with music by Carter Porter.)

Chapter 126("Zac, there's a hole in the wall the size of your head.")

Chapter 127("YOU WANNA DIE?!" "BRING IT ON!")

Chapter 128(Another hole in the wall)

Chapter 129(The queen of all that is holy in hide and seek)

Chapter 130(Party Preparation)

Chapter 131(Happy Birthday, Zac.)

Chapter 132(Happy Bday Zac. [part 2])

Chapter 133("Your hair was so meant to be blue.")

Chapter 134(Honesty)

Chapter 135(Bowling ["Did you lick my wafer?"])

Chapter 136(The Dare)

Chapter 137(Ass-Flavored Jelly Beans)

Chapter 138(The Storm)

Chapter 139(Red Taylor)

Chapter 140(Defeating the Magical Mouse)

Chapter 141(Happy Birthday, Taylor.)

Chapter 142("Take me to the hut and I'm happy.")

Chapter 143("He's going to check out his ass.")

Chapter 144(Jello, Whipped Cream, a Flaming Poodle, and a Naked Taylor as a Decoy)

Chapter 145(The Tent)

Chapter 146(Carter's Bedroom)

Chapter 147(A New Friendship?)

Chapter 148(You've gone insane, but I like it!)

Chapter 149(Lost)

Chapter 150(Lost, Part 2)

Chapter 151(In the Pool)

Chapter 152(Note to Self: Kill Taylor)

Chapter 153(Way Too Early To Witness Nookie In The Kitchen)

Chapter 154("I miss your purple hair. I miss the way you taste.")

Chapter 155(Fire)

Chapter 156(Spider = Bad)

Chapter 157(Journals)

Chapter 158 (Aw. Son of a bitch.)

Chapter 159(You made me eat mulch.)

Chapter 160(The Calm Before The Storm)

Chapter 161(Tears)

Chapter 162(The Closed Door)

Chapter 163(Grab My Ass)

Chapter 164(Isaac's Theory)

Chapter 165 (Isaac's Theory part 2)

Chapter 166 (Nipple Piercing)

Chapter 167 (Todd's Card)

Chapter 169 (Todd and Katie)

Chapter 170(Rusty staples and duct tape)

Chapter 171(Cookies rule.)

Chapter 172(I end up kicking you in the teeth on accident and that's probably not what you need right now.)

Chapter 173(You're cute and I'm a pussy.)

Chapter 174(I'm not coming out of there alive, am I?)

Chapter 175(Dirty)

Chapter 176(Free Mites!)

Chapter 177(No Kissing on a First Date)

Chapter 178(The Hazards of Bowling)

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