Videos of the Palaces of the Romanov Dynasty

~ Peterhof ~

The Farm Palace of Alexander II

The Farm Palace at Peterhof has reopened after an extensive restoration that lasted seven years.

Many people are amazed that the palace, which is situated in Alexandria Park, near the Cottage Palace survived at all, after a fire nearly destoryed the historic building in March 2005.

The palace was originally built as a pavilion with a farm, but was reconstructed during the reign of Emperor Nicholas I for the heir to the Russian throne, Tsarevich Alexander (the future Emperor Alexander II). It was to become the favourite summer residence of the Tsar Liberator and his family. During his reign, Alexander II ordered further reconstruction, and upon completion, the former farm pavilion had been transformed into a two-storey Neo-Gothic palace.

Interiors have been painstakingly restored and include the former tsar's Blue Study. Many items of Alexander II are on display, including furniture, a marble bathtub (originally installed in 1856), uniforms, books, porcelain, crystal, as well as his correspondence with Princess Yureyevskya.

The videos below show the beautiful interiors and personal objects of Emperor Alexander II and his family now on display.

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The Farm Palace at Peterhof
Language: Russian
Duration: 25 min 44 sec

The Farm Palace at Peterhof
Language: Russian
Duration: 3 minutes 35 sec

The Farm Palace at Peterhof
Language: Russian
Duration: 1 minute 26 sec

The Blue Study of Alexander II in the Farm Palace.
Eduard Petrovich Hau (1807-1887)