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View rare vintage film footage of the Coronation of Tsar Nicholas II, 1896
Source: ITN News. Duration: 1 minute, 40 seconds

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The coronation of Tsar Nicholas II, took place with great pomp and ceremony on 26 May [14 May Old Style], 1896 in Moscow. This magnificent collection of 60 photographs is a fitting tribute to the ceremony surrounding the crowning of Russia's last tsar.

The Kremlin and the Moscow Bridge decorated for the festivities

The Bolshoy Theater is decorated for the festivities

The Resurrection (later Revolution) Square and the Vitaly Fountain

The Strasnoy (Pushkin) Square

The festive pavilion of the Moscow Zemstvo across Tverskaya, opposite Strasnoy Monastery

The beautiful carved pavilion by the architect Fjodor Sehtel on Tverskaya

The asphalted Tverskaya along the Glinischevsky pereulok, with the Filippov bakery to the right

Facing it, the central building of the police and fire department

The Moscow Governorís House, the home of Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich and Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna

The Tverskaya continuing after the Manezhki

Further along Tverskaya, at the Georgievsky pereulok. Most of these buildings were demolished in the 20th century

Towards Kuznecki bridge

An unidentified place

On the corner of Myasnickaya, near the Red Gate

The adorned Red Gate (demolished in 1926)

A little square on the Kalanchovka, near the Red Gate

A temporary triumphal arch was constructed at the corner of Sretenka and Bulvarnoye kolco

Festive colonnade in front of the Moscow Assembly of the Nobility

Festive column on the Ohotny Ryad and the later pulled down Paraskeva Church

The Church of the Grebnovo Icon of Our Lady on the Lubyanka. It was demolished in 1898,
and the building erected on its place later became the infamous headquarters of Cheka/GPU/KGB

The first known examples of the festive pavilions regularly set up on Lubyanka Square

The bastion on the Kitaysky proyezd also received a festive dome

People assemble on the Red Square on the day of the Coronation

Flags and banners flutter on Red Square

The Manezh (to the left) and the Kutafya Bastion with the Romanov coat of arms

The Alexander Garden

The Petrovsky Palace where the tsar stayed during the festivities

Foreign delegations on the Khodynska field, across from the Petrovsky Palace

Triumphal arch on the Tverskaya, through which the tsar entered Moscow. Inscriptions on the columns read: "God, save the Tsar" and "Glory for ever and ever"

The tsar, according to the tradition, enters the old capital through the Tversky Gate on a white horse with silver horseshoes . . .

. . . proceeds to the Iversky (Iberian) Gate . . .

. . . Empress Marie, Tsar Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra visit the Iversky Chapel . . .

. . . then enter the Red Square through the Iversky Gate . . .

. . . they pass by the monument of Minin and Pozharsky and the recently erected GUM Emporium . . .

The carriage of the tsarina passes by the temporary grandstands set up on the Red Square, on the place of the later Lenin Mausoleum

The parade regiment waiting for the tsar on the Red Square, near to Lobnoye mesto

Festive entrance to the Kremlin through the Saviorís Gate. The Nicholas Palace can be seen on the left (demolished in 1929)

Guests of honor watching the march of the hussars from the grandstands near the Tsarís Bell

The imperial regalia laid out in the Grand Kremlin Palace

The Andreyevsky or Throne Room

The three imperial thrones

Sedan chairs waiting for the tsar and tsarina

Officers having their photographs taken on the great occasion in front of the Tsarís Cannon

Carriages in the Kremlin

The carriage of a guest of honor with lackeys and body-guards

The Senate Square in the Kremlin

The master of ceremonies announcing the details of the forthcoming coronation

Audience outside the Chudov Monastery (demolished in 1929) in the Kremlin

The tsar and his entourage at the bottom of the Red Staircase before entering the Uspensky Cathedral

Interior of the Uspensky Cathedral before the coronation

The imperial procession leaves the cathedral

ďHis Majesty, Tsar of All RussiaĒ under the canopy after the coronation

The Honour guards line the path

Nicholas II ceremonially drinking a cup of vodka before the military parade on the Khodynka field

Policemen on the Khodynka field who later could not keep back the crowd of half million

On the Khodynka field at the beginning everything was in order

The Tsarís pavilion, the grandstands and the crowd on the Khodynka field, some hours before the tragedy

it is estimated that 1,389 people were trampled to death,
and roughly 1,300 were injured on the Khodynka field

The festive illuminations of the Kremlin was an incredible novelty at the end of the 19th century

The Kremlin seen from the Bolshoy Kamennyj bridge


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