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NOTE: The information contained on this page is for authors interested in submitting new book ideas to Gilbert's Books or for writers who are interested in submitting articles to Royal Russia Annual.

Gilbert's Books is a publisher dedicated to the study and appreciation of the Romanov Dynasty and Imperial Russia. We offer a rich selection of books, as well as our annual periodical, Royal Russia: A Celebration of the Romanov Dynasty and Imperial Russia in Words and Photographs, which feature both historical and contemporary writers and their work. Our publications appeal to those with an interest in the Romanov Dynasty, life in Imperial Russia, as well as the general reader, and will also act as a general source of information for students, writers, researchers, and historians. ,P> We accept submissions on any of the following subjects: biographies, family memoirs, letters, life at the Russian Court, Imperial and aristocratic residences, interviews, genealogies, and historical anecdotes.

Books and articles submitted to Gilbert's Books and Royal Russia Annual for publication should first be submitted in the form of a query letter. If you are submitting a book proposal, please include 2-3 sample chapters with your query letter. Your book or article should be informative, well-researched and fully sourced. Quotations must be cited and attributed, and a complete bibliography of sources provided. There are no restrictions on word count or length of the article. Photographs may be submitted for consideration, as part of the book or article, or by themselves if warranted. Please note that it is the applicant’s responsibility to obtain proper information and permissions for any material held in copyright—photographic and written—and to inform Gilbert's Books and Royal Russia Annual of such a guarantee in writing at the time of acceptance for publication. Submissions will be selected solely on merit, and we encourage both published and previously unpublished writers to contribute.

Gilbert's Books and Royal Russia Annual will give preference to works written by those who are fluent in Russian, and have access to Russian sources for their research, particularly the numerous historical museums and archives in Russia. This allows the publication of previously unknown books and articles which will be new to readers of Gilbert’s Books and Royal Russia.

Payment for books and articles accepted by Gilbert's Books and Royal Russia Annual is made in Canadian dollars. The amount of payment for a book or an article is set by the Publisher and Editor and is non-negotiable. Payment is made according to the terms of the publishing contract.

Submissions for consideration may be submitted either in typed manuscript or electronically. Manuscripts in either format to Gilbert's Books and Royal Russia Annual must be in English, typed, double-spaced. If you submit a manuscript by mail, you must ensure that it is accompanied by adequate postage on a stamped, self-addressed envelope for Canadian submissions, or International Reply Coupons for those outside of Canada. We are unable to return manuscripts and submissions unless these guidelines are met.

If you are submitting your manuscript or article electronically, please submit files as word documents. Gilbert's Books and Royal Russia Annual cannot accept liability for loss or damage of manuscripts, photographs, or other documents. No submissions will be answered or returned without SASE. If your submission is accepted for publication the final draft must be submitted as a downloadable word document file by email.

If the article you have submitted for Royal Russia Annual has been previously published in another periodical (i.e. newspaper, magazine, journal, etc.) it is your responsibility to note this in your query letter to the Editor. Failure to do so may result in your article being cancelled and/or payment forfeited.

All books and articles submitted for publication consideration are subject to editorial revision. Such revisions, if necessary, will be made in cooperation with the author, where possible. The Publisher and the Editor have the final word, however, when it comes to editing.

Submission to Gilbert's Books and Royal Russia Annual constitutes permission, on notification to the author, for publication, and acceptance of this editorial policy. The author will be required to sign a Publishing Contract and a copy of the Editorial Policy & Writer’s Guidelines before their article is published. This will confirm that the author has read and agrees with the terms and conditions outlined.

It is the author’s responsibility to notify the publisher or editor in writing of any decision to terminate publication once a submission has been accepted. Such termination must be made within thirty days of acceptance; failure to notify the editor of such a decision will result in forfeiture of termination rights.

The author is the sole copyright owner of the accepted and published in Royal Russia Annual, however, the Publisher reserves the right to reprint any article, in whole or part, in any format, without any additional payment to the author.

The views expressed in Royal Russia Annual by guest writers are their own and may not necessarily reflect those of the Publisher or the Editor of Gilbert's Books or Royal Russia Annual.

We also welcome readers to submit historical and contemporary magazine and newspaper articles, clippings, photographs, and other sources of information pertaining to the Romanov Dynasty or Imperial Russia for publication in Royal Russia Annual. Payment will be offered only to the original author and in the event that the author is deceased, a finders fee will be made to the recipient of the article.

There is a vast amount of information in print on the royal families in other languages that have never been translated into English. Gilbert's Books and Royal Russia Annual recognizes that much of this information would offer the English speaking reader and historian many new sources and we therefore encourage the translation of these materials by any of our readers who read and write other languages. Your efforts will be a service to history and offer us a better understanding of the royal families of Europe. Payment is offered for translation of historical articles.

Royal Russia Annual: A Celebration of the Romanov Dynasty & Imperial Russia in Words and Photographs is published as an annual once a year by Gilbert’s Books (Publisher), a division of Royal Russia.

Please note that the Editorial Policy and Writers Guidelines are subject to change without notice.

Please forward queries and manuscript submissions to;

41 Temperance Street
P.O. Box 163
Bowmanville, Ontario
L1C 3K9 Canada
Telephone: [905] 419-1868