A small sample of the nearly 450 photographs received in December 2011

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In December, 2011, Royal Russia received a very generous gift of nearly 450 black-and-white photographs of members of the Russian Imperial family. The vast majority of the photographs include Tsar Nicholas II and his family, as well as his relations, interiors of the Alexander Palace, the Ipatiev House and more. The collection, which also included the negatives, was a gift from a generous *donor living in the United States.

A small sample of the nearly 350 photographs received in 1998

This is the second such collection of Romanov photographs donated to Royal Russia. In 1998, a gift of nearly 350 black-and-white photographs of the Romanovs was presented to me by a *donor living in Toronto, Canada. The bulk of this unique collection includes the Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna, her siblings and parents, as well as interiors of Hvidøre and Grand Duchess Olga's home in Canada.

The photographs from these collections will be used on our web site, our book publications, and our official magazine, Royal Russia.

These photographs will also be made available to *authors and publishers who need photographs for a forthcoming new book on the Romanovs, or to *exhibitions who need photographs for a particular exhibit. The loan and use of these photographs is free to all who qualify. Requirements and permission should be made in writing to Paul Gilbert, at the address noted at the bottom of this page. *Note: Some conditions apply

On behalf of Royal Russia, I am extremely grateful for these truly magnificent photographic gifts. Preserving them in our collection, and allowing me to share them with other Romanovphiles and Russophiles helps keep the memories of old Russia alive.

* In order to ensure privacy, the names of the respectives donors have been withheld.

Paul Gilbert @ Royal Russia
16 January, 2012