"Church Must Not Neglect Science
While Deciding on Royal Remains"
- Romanov Family Association

Ivan Artsishevsky, the Romanov Family Association representative in Russia

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The Russian Orthodox Church's readiness to continue studying the circumstances of the execution of the family of the last Russian tsar Nicholas II, voiced by Patriarch Krill of Moscow and All Russia, inspires the optimism that the "Yekaterinburg remains" will be finally recognized and buried, said Ivan Artsishevsky, the Romanov Family Association representative in Russia.

"This announcement at a meeting of the Holy Synod is a step forward and a response to our calls and requests. But it is sad that the Russian Orthodox Church is not ready to recognize the remains now, and only wants to continue studying them, although this inspires certain optimism," Artsishevsky told Interfax on Friday.

The Romanov Family Association hopes the church hierarchs will study this problem objectively and thoroughly, he said. "We hope the analysis will be based on respect for science and scientific methods, and also for the results of numerous studies, including genetic, done over the years," Artsishevsky said.

Opening the meeting of the Holy Synod in Kiev on July 26th, Patriarch Kirill said: “We have received a very important notification from New York about the circumstances of the murder of the tsar`s family. I believe that this information will help us decide on our position on the issue in general and on the so-called Yekaterinburg remains in particular.” 

No further details have been given so far on what exactly the notification from New York says. Probably, it has to do with some evidence found recently during the restoration of a Russian church in Brussels. There, lead containers were found carrying glass jars filled with soil and clay mixed with tissues that remained after the bodies were burnt.

Nikolai Sokolov, investigator from the anti-Bolshevik camp, was the first to assume that the bodies of the Romanov family were burnt. Shortly after the murder of the Romanovs Sokolov carried out his own investigation and tracedthe sequence of eventsas they unfolded. When he had to flee the Soviet Union in the 1920s, he took some soil he had collected at the crime scene with him. An expertise was carried out later to find out that apart from clay and ash the soil contained some fat tissues, which testified that the remains found were of human bodies.

The Bolshevik government then did everything to prevent Sokolov`s discovery from being known to the public. The containers with soil were kept in Paris for quite a long time before being taken to Brussels and hidden there in a wall of a Russian church which was under construction at the time. In the middle of the 20th century Sokolov`s notes were sent to New York where the Center of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad is located.

Source & Copyright: The Kiev Post, Voice of Russia and Interfax and Paul Gilbert
27 July, 2012

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