Russia Commemorates
the Holy Royal Martyrs - 2012

For the 11th consecutive years in a row, the Church on the Blood in Ekaterinburg marked the 94th anniversary of the murders of the Holy Royal Martyrs

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Video No. 1 - Thousands of Orthodox faithful took part in the 11th annual Tsar's Days Festival at Ekaterinburg
Language: Russian. Duration: 2 minutes, 31 seconds

On the night of July 16/17, an estimated 40,000 to 50,000 people gathered in Ekaterinburg to honour the memory of the Tsar Royal Martyrs at an evening service to commemorate the murders of Tsar Nicholas and his family.

Metropolitan Kirill of Ekaterinburg and Verkhotury addressed the masses during the service of divine liturgy. The ceremony included a sermon to explain the spiritual significance of the royal family that encouraged Orthodox citizens to understand and fulfill their responsibilities to Russia.

Metropolitan Kirill welcomed Metropolitan Vikenty, a member of the Holy Synod and the head of the Central Asian Metropolitan District. Vikenty previously served as bishop of the Ekaterinburg diocese for 12 years and recently arrived in the city for the service.

Metropolitan Vikenty expressed his gratitude to the city for continuing on the tradition in the Ural region that has been going on for the last two decades.

More than 200 clergymen from the Ekaterinburg, Kamensk, Nizhnetagilsk and other dioceses were involved in the celebration of the divine liturgy. Archpriest Gennady Vedernikov, the secretary of the Nizhnetagilsk diocese, gave a sermon appealing to modern citizens to use the royal family as an example to restore true family values, Pravoslavnaya Gazeta reports.

As congregants sang the moleben, worshippers followed the cross procession along the road to Ganina Yama, which was the same road the family was taken upon on the night of the murders.

Video No. 2 - The procession from the Church on the Blood, including coverage of the services held at Ganina Yama
Language: Russian. Duration: 3 minutes, 35 seconds

The Ural city of Ekaterinburg was not alone in its commemoration of the Holy Royal Martyrs. Memorial services and liturgies were held at churches all across Russia. Processions took place in other cities, including Alapeyevsk, Kostroma, Samara, and Omsk in Russia.

At Tsarskoye Selo, a prayer service was held in the Semi-Circular Hall of the Alexander Palace. It was through the doors of this room of the palace that the Imperial Family left the palace for the last time on August 1, 1917. In the nearby Feodorovsky Cathedral a night liturgy was held in memory of the Holy Royal Martyrs. The service was led by Bishop Markell of the Peterhof Cathedral. The liturgy has been held every year since 2000 and is attended by hundreds of Orthodox faithful who live in Pushkin and the surrounding towns and villages.

Services were also held in churches in the former regions of the Russian Empire, including Kiev and Sebastopol in the Ukraine, and Astana in Kazakhstan.

There is no question that more and more Russians are coming to terms with the atrocities committed by the Bolsheviks in 1918, the murders of Tsar Nicholas II and his family remain one of the most horrific crimes in 20th century Russian history.

Video No. 3 - Divine Liturgy at Alapayevsk for the Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna and Nun Varvara
Language: Russian. Duration: 3 minutes, 29 seconds

Video No. 4 - Divine Liturgy in the Alexander Palace at Tsarskoye Selo Tsar Nicholas II and his family
Language: Russian. Duration: 3 minutes, 28 seconds

Source & Copyright: Royal Russia
3 August, 2012

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