The White Tower to be Restored
at Tsarskoye Selo

The White Tower as it looks today

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The White Tower pavilion, which is located in the Alexander Park at Tsarskoye Selo is to be restored. This building, which resembles a medieval castle, was almost completely destroyed during World War II.

The building was built between 1821-1827, for the sons of Emperor Nicholas I, during the period of Russia's fascination with Gothic Revival architecture. The project was fulfilled by the Russian architect of Scottish descent, Adam Menelas. Installed on the facade were the cast-iron sculptures of medieval knights and ancient heroes. The tower which is surmounted by a viewing platform, offers a picturesque view of Tsarskoye Selo.

Interior of the White Tower Pavilion at Tsarskoye Selo. Photo: circa 1930s

The restoration of the White Tower is already underway by LLC Lapin Enterprise. Alexey Lapin, the president of the company, said work began on the tower back in the 1980s, however, this was abandoned. Work resumed last autumn on the pavilion's facade which included the restoration of the brickwork and the windows.

Restoration will now commence on the pavilion interiors. Professionals will have to recreate the complex stucco molding, and cast-iron fence. A new heating system will be put into place over the winter months. The pavilion is expected to be ready to receive visitors in May 2012. After that, the White Tower will be used as a museum hosting rotating exhibitions. Visitors will also have access to the observation deck where they can once again take in panoramic views of the Alexander and Catherine Parks and Tsarskoye Selo.

The White Tower Pavilion was a popular spot for outdoor fun by Tsar Nicholas II and his family.

Source & Copyright: Paul Gilbert @ Royal Russia
1 January, 2012