Rare Romanov Photo Collection
Auctioned in Geneva

Click on the above image to download a copy of the 31-page catalogue of the Thormeyer collection

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Source & Copyright: T/R Video.Ch. Language: French. Duration: 2 minutes, 47 seconds

Unique, formerly unpublished photographs of the Russian imperial family were sold at 50 times the starting price at an auction in Geneva on Monday, the 12th of December. Over 300 exclusive photographs, many of which are signed by the members of the imperial family, were put up for auction by the Geneva Auction House. The starting price of the collection was 30,000-50,000 francs and it was finally sold for 1.6 million francs (over $1.73 million USD). This is the extraordinary result of a splendid auction, the director of the auction house Bernard Piguet said. The collection of photographs belonged to Ferdinand Thormeyer, the Swiss teacher of Alexander III children, including future Emperor Nicolas II.

The correspondence of the imperial family with Thormeyer, which counted about 2,000 private letters, postcards, drawings and photographs, was sold at an auction in Geneva last year. Thormeyer was the tutor of Crown Prince Nicolas and his brother Grand Duke Georgy for three years. He taught them French. Later he returned to Switzerland to die in 1944.

His descendants discovered these historical treasures in the attic of his house. The old letters and photographs were divided between two brothers, one of whom put up his part of the heirloom for auction last year. This year, the second brother decided to sell the photographs, many of which are signed by the members of the imperial family.

The names of those who bought the collection are kept secret, says the editor-in-chief of the Nasha Gazeta, the Russian newspaper in Switzerland, Nadezhda Sikorskaya:

“It is natural that we, as a Russian newspaper in Switzerland, would very much like these documents to return to Russia and not to sit in someone’s safe box. They can, for example, be turned over to the Imperial Family Museum which has opened in Yekaterinburg.”

Unique, formerly unpublished photographs of the Russian imperial family were sold at 50 times the starting price

Russia and many other countries where Russians live will mark the 400th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty in 2013, says writer Alexey Khvalin, the press-secretary of the charity foundation named after Grand Duchess Olga.

“Preparations for this significant event have already begun. The leading cities are Kostroma where the dynasty came from, Yaroslavl where the first assembly was convened as a forerunner to the nationwide noblemen’s assembly which elected the first Romanov to the Russian throne, and Yekaterinburg. Joint state and church commissions are being established in the Russian regions to develop plans for the celebrations. It is necessary to write and publish books, prepare TV programmes and shoot films dedicated to this important event.”

We hope that the event will become a nationwide festivity with the participation of the government and the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church. It is important that the entire multinational population of the Russian Empire was united by the sceptre of Russian emperors, Andrey Khvalin points out:

“This fact should be emphasized in the forthcoming celebrations. They will hopefully promote the consolidation of all Russian citizens irrespective of their religion and nationality.”

The success of the Swiss auction testifies to the world’s interest in this date and Russian history as a whole. Russian archives, which Andrey Khvalin often visits, contain quite a lot of documents associated with the Romanov dynasty that are not in academic circulation yet. So, he believes that Russian researchers have new discoveries in store.

Source & Copyright: NTV.RU. Language: Russian. Duration: 2 minutes, 22 seconds

Source & Copyright: The Voice of Russia and Paul Gilbert @ Royal Russia
13 December, 2011

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