A Statement from the Russian Imperial
Union-Order to the People of Russia

Pre-revolutionary poster depicting a White Russian slaying the Red dragon of Bolshevism

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His Imperial Highness, Grand Duke Wladimir Kirillovich 1917-1992

“International communism remains the enemy of Russia and its people. There can be no reconciliation or agreement with this government, which is so hostile to God and people. Those who identify it with Russia and the Russian people only bring harm to them both.”

From the “Address to the Russian People” by His Imperial Highness, Grand Duke Wladimir Kirillovich, on the Bright Feast of Pascha, 24 March/6 April 1939

Dear Members of the RIU-O, Friends, and Fellow Countrymen!

Two decades have passed since the memorable days of August 1991—sufficient time to raise again the question of the relationship between Russian monarchists, including the Russian Imperial Union-Order, and communism. As is well-known, “enemy number one” for each member of the RIU-O has always been communism, and it has always been our view that it is entirely impossible to have even a temporary reconciliation with communists (Paragraph 37 of the By-Laws of the RIU-O). But has not this view become obsolete? After all, while it is no longer today legally in power, has not the Communist Party become a significant element of our parliament? Haven’t communists participated in national and regional elections? Haven’t the former members of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSS) come to occupy a significant number of important governmental posts, including even some of the highest ones? Haven’t they acknowledged their past mistakes and repented for their past sins, and haven’t they helped to make the ideas of Marxism-Leninism compatible with the legal system of democratic government?

No, no, and no! They have confessed to nothing and have repented of nothing! Nor has it really been necessary for them to do so. Communists who form the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) are merely playing the role of the opposition, the role of a lightning rod for the political left, which has been duped by the predecessors of present day communists over decades of Bolshevik power. This role is entirely commensurate with the interests of modern bureaucracy, which has made the CPRF one of its parliamentary pawns, receiving financial support out of the state budget, that is from all Russian citizens, even from those that are anti-communist (Federal Law of July 11, 2001, no. 95 FZ). Therefore, communists are not any real kind of opposition, but rather an integral part of the ruling elite, the larger portion of which tossed their membership cards in the CPSS into the “dustbin of history,” but, at the end of the day, remain the same “nomenklatura” that has for so long been parasitical to the people of Russia. The fiction of quasi-elections and pseudo-multiparty politics changes nothing. In reality, there is only one party: the “party of power,” no matter how many formal organizations that “power” might be divided into.

Twenty years ago, a tragedy and farce was performed on the Russian political stage called “Down with bad communists, and long live good democrats.” In an atmosphere of mass exuberance, even to the point of mass psychosis, over the desire to free themselves from the Bolshevik yoke, many people did not notice that some of those new “democrats” had only the day before been paying their membership dues to the Party and dutifully giving standing ovations to the General Secretary. Only those who were not caught up in the euphoria plainly saw thatRussiahad been presented with a false choice: a choice not between truth and falsehood, but between two variants of falsehood. The Russian Imperial Union-Order was among those who from the very beginning saw that the dictatorship of the Communist Party had merely been replaced by a new dictatorship, in essence the same old Party of slavery.

The above-described situation has now been legally enforced by the governmental authorities themselves. At the beginning of this “drama,” the activity of the governing bodies of the Communist Part was deemed anti-national, unconstitutional, and unlawful—activity that had trampled the fundamental rights and freedoms of Man and Citizen (Presidential Decree No. 169 of November 6, 1991). The communist regime had been organized as a government with unfettered powers that was imposed upon the population by a narrow group of communist functionaries (a pyramid of central to regional committees, each with secretariates, offices, and whole bureaucracies on every level) (Constitutional Court Decree No. 9-P from December 17, 2001). However, even after some ten years of “work” revamping the internal organization of the CPSS, communists declared a strong preference in staffing its various posts for those who had put in many years of service to the Party (Pres. Decree No. 1413, from December 17, 2001), and in 2007, for those who had demonstrated effective governmental service (Pres. Decree No. 1532 from November 19, 2007). Moreover, this “effective government service” was paid for by the very people against whom it was directed, as shown above. In addition, this service is called irreproachable, despite the fact that this “service” resulted in the physical destruction of tens, if not hundreds, of millions of lives, in war and devastation, in hunger, in slavery on collective farms, in Stakhanovite servitude, in nightmarish concentration camps, in spiritual and moral impoverishment, lawlessness, poverty, blood, tears, and fear. One cannot count the examples of all the various forms of suffering. But the communists were tried and acquitted. The plan to “depart in order to remain” was successful and fully accomplished. This new CPRF holds itself in reserve as a new false alternative, in the event that a serious political crisis should appear, ever ready to proclaim: “Down with evil advocates of democracy, and long live good communists!”

Therefore, it is even more important today, than at any other time before, to recognize communist ideology as being broader than that which one finds in the party’s platform. Communism is not “the power of the people for the people,” it is not the “steady improvement of the lives of workers,” it is not the “bright future for all humanity.” Communism is the totalitarian, terroristic dictatorship of the criminal lumpen-bureaucracy. Communism is a violation of human dignity. Communism is the death of our much-suffering Homeland. One hopes in vain for the repentance of those who have lost their consciences, of those whose hands are forever stained with the Holy Blood of the Royal Martyrs. There can be no reconciliation between good and evil, between truth and falsehood. We are sorry for those that have been led into error, have been deceived, are afraid, or are in despair, but it remains our duty of Honor to Remember, and not to permit any sort of truce with communists, even if only of a temporary nature. Communism has in the twenty-first century become even more insidious, even more sinister than it ever was before, and it remains our enemy No. 1.

Communism has not changed its fundamental essence. Its goal remains the same: the destruction of the modern world and all its culture…. The Soviet government…cannot have any organic connection with the Russian people…. There is no strength where God’s Truth is absent. And no government can last that is based on godlessness, force, and falsehood.

From the Address of the Head of the Russian Imperial House, Grand Duke Wladimir Kirillovich, “To the Russian People,” 21 October/3 November 1939.

Source and Copyright: «Легитимист», The Legitimist
8 July, 2011