Romanovs Believe Lenin, Sverdlov
Involved in Nicholas II Execution

Vladimir Lenin (seated left), Yakov Sverdlov (standing right).

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The descendents of the Romanov dynasty do not believe the conclusions made by the Russian Investigative Committee about there being no evidence that Russia's last Emperor Nicholas II and his family were executed on the orders of Soviet leaders Vladimir Lenin and Yakov Sverdlov.

"We believe that there is a whole host of evidence," Director of Chancellery of the House of Romanov Alexander Zakatov told Interfax on Thursday.

"The memoirs of Lev Trotsky and several other Bolsheviks contain evidence that the decision to execute the royal family was made by Sverdlov and Lenin," he said.

"A full picture must be reconstructed. There is a whole host of yet more documents that are classified. The list of items in Lenin's office compiled after his death is still classified. There is no reason for them to be classified, this is not a Bolshevik state anymore," the Romanovs' representative said.

Head of the House of Romanov Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna lives in Spain.

Investigator Vladimir Solovyov, who led the criminal case over the murder of Nicholas II and his family, told Interfax this week that the inquiry has no evidence to prove that the royal family was executed on direct orders from Lenin and Sverdlov.

21 January, 2011