Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich
Exhibition Opens in Moscow

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On April 19 the State Historic Museum in Moscow opens the exhibition “Light of Destination” dedicated to the 150th anniversary since the birthday of the Grand Duke Sergei Aleksandrovich, the son of Emperor Alexander II.

Being the connoisseur of fine arts, Sergei Aleksandrovich was a collector and patron of arts, headed the Committee for creation of the Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow (now the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts), and founded the Emperor’s Palestinian Orthodox Society.

In 1881 he became the honoured chairman of the State Historic Museum administration and held the post till his tragic death in February 1905, when he was killed by a terrorist’s bomb.

The exhibition is based on personal paraphernalia of the Grand Duke, his wife Elizabeth Fyodorovna, and other members of the Romanovs’ family.

The exhibition runs till July 1, 2007.

19 April, 2007