Nicholas II's Last Place of Worship

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Russian regional ethnographer Leonid Kirillov has discovered previously unknown fact about last Russian emperor Nikolay II. The scientist discovered the place where Russian tsar had made his last prayers before his abdication 90 years ago a small chapel located at Staraya Russa railway station.

Nikolay II spent his last days as a reign in Novgorod region, where he learned about the revolution in St. Petersburg and headed towards the city, but the last station he reached was Malaya Vishera. There the emperor changed his mind and turned westwards, to Pskov. The historic stop was at Staraya Russa, where the tsar left the train and took a walk along the platform (the fact, which was previously unknown). Then Nikolay II entered the little station chapel alone, without his retinue.

This chapel was the last church, where Russian tsar had prayed.

15 March, 2007