The Empress's Lady-in-Waiting

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In the Helsinki Orthodox cemetery - beneath a modest grave stone – we find one of the most intriguing tales of the grave yard; that of Anna Vyrubova Tanayeva.

Anna Vyrubova served the Imperial family as the lady-in-waiting, beloved friend and confident to Empress Aleksandra Fyodorovna for twelve years. After the Revolution in 1921, Anna fled to Finland where she finally died in relative oblivion in 1964.

In Russia, Anna Vyrubova is still recalled as an angel of destruction, a deceitful, power-hungry and crafty woman - the invisible ruling lady of Europe’s most glorious court, who drove the Empire to its doom. This reputation was born already in the midst of the revolutionary fighting and later it was backed-up by Anna’s forged diaries - published in the Soviet Union - by Elm Klimov’s film ‘Agonia’ and by Edvard Radzinsky’s novels.

The documentary shows that Anna was mainly just an ordinary girl with naive ideas. The fascinating story contains unique and previously unseen archive material and also allows one to hear Anna’s ’own voice’ through dramatised scenes which are based on conversation protocols found in archives.

28 April, 2007