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The next issue of our official magazine, Royal Russia Annual No. 6 (Summer 2014) is in the final stages of production! Includes 8 full-length articles, more than 120 pages + more than 100 photos..

For more information on our newest issue, as well as future and back issues please click on the following link:


Check this page on the 1st day of each month for our updates. Below, is a list of the full-length articles, news stories, videos, and photographs added to our web site in the past month. Please note, some articles may be cross referenced under more than one category. To read the article, simply click on the respective heading.

Royal Russia Annual No. 6 - Summer 2014 - COMING SOON!

Royal Russia Surpasses More Than 14,000 Followers on Facebook!

A Short Summary of My Spring 2014 Visit to St. Petersburg by Paul Gilbert + 25 COLOUR PHOTOS!

Emperor Alexander III Exhibit Opens in Helsinki

The Exhibition "Orthodox Russia. The Romanovs. My Story" Heads to the Urals

Tsarskoye Selo Hosts Fan Exhibit + VIDEO

Fabulous Faberge Takes a Peek Inside Imperial Russia

A Jewel of an Exhibition: Incredible Faberge Pieces Owned by Russian Royalty go on Display in Montreal

Prince Bernhard Secretly Sold Juliana's Faberge Tray

How 'Willy' and 'Nicky' Failed to Avert WWI

The Lost Miracle of Russia's Medieval Sword Makers

Russia Starts to Rehabilitate its Forgotten War

Russian Emigres, the First Queens of the Catwalk

Lilac Day Becomes a Tradition at the Alexander Palace + VIDEO

The Mists of History: The Alexander Palace

Rise and Fall of Abastumani - the Last Residence of Grand Duke George Alexandrovich

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This month, Royal Russia will offer Alexander III: His Life and Reign, a new biography by Margarita Nelipa. This will be the first English language biography on Alexander III to be published in more than a century!.

Further details will be made available at our online bookshop later this month:


All Family Members of Nicholas II Were Murdered - Investigator

Breaking Bronze - the Equestrian Statue of Peter the Great

The Grand Duchess and her Tommies

The Last Mystery of the Romanovs: Following the Killers' Footsteps

Monument to Emperor Peter III Unveiled in Kiel, Germany

Monument to Nicholas II Unveiled in Bosnia and Herzegovina + VIDEO

Nicholas II's Coronation Celebrations Took a Tragic Turn

Peter I Bust Unveiled in St. Petersburg Botanical Gardens

Royal Remains Burial Site to be Entered on Russia's Cultural Heritage List

Troubetzkoy's Controversial Monument to Emperor Alexander III

The Tsarevich - a Biopic About the Last Imperial Family of Russia

Tsarskoye Selo Hosts Fan Exhibit + VIDEO

Two Centuries Since Russia's Alexander I Was Feted in England in 1814

Russian Imperial House Expresses Regret Over Spanish King's Abdication

Beautiful Orthodox Churches of Russia No. 22 - Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, St. Petersburg

A Crown, But Not On This Earth

Lilac Day Becomes a Tradition at the Alexander Palace + VIDEO

Monument to Nicholas II Unveiled in Bosnia and Herzegovina + VIDEO

Tsarskoye Selo Hosts Fan Exhibit + VIDEO

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