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Established in 1994, Royal Russia marked its 20th anniversary in 2014. Last year, our web site welcomed more than 2.2 million visitors from every corner of the globe. Updated daily with news, videos, and photographs, Royal Russia is one of the most popular web sites dedicated to the study and appreciation of the Romanov dynasty, their rich legacy, the monarchy and the history of Imperial Russia.

Royal Russia is a celebration of the Romanov dynasty and Imperial Russia in words and photographs. It is dedicated to the distribution of accurate information about the House of Romanov, their legacy, pre-Revolutionary Russian history, and highlighting the importance of the Russian Imperial House in today's Russia.

The Royal Russia web site currently offers more than 50 full-length articles, more than 600 news articles, more than 500 videos, over 2,000 photographs, plus a blog with more than 1,700 news clips, videos and photographs, an online bookshop that specializes in books on the Romanovs and Imperial Russia, and much more. Our site is updated daily!

Royal Russia also publishes a magazine, twice a year. Each issue offers previously unpublished articles, many by Romanov experts and historians in Russia, thus making their English language debut in the pages of our official magazine.

Founder and Web-Site Administrator


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The Summer 2015 edition of our official magazine is now in the final stages of production. It features 135 pages and 103 black & white photographs and illustrations, and includes 8 full length articles, news on the Romanov legacy and 2 photograph collections.

The cover story Emperor Paul I: Neither Demon nor Saint, by Andrew Cooperman. His article offers a more objective look at this controversial Emperor, who has likely been vilified much more than is reasonable.

Note: This issue will be available for purchase in late July.

Please check this page for updates on publication and availability.

His Life and Reign

Margarita Nelipa’s latest book on Emperor Alexander III is the first comprehensive biography to be published in English in more than a century on this monarch. Her extensive research explores the life and reign of this little known and unjustly neglected sovereign who ruled Russia for only 13 years, from 1881-1894.

610 pages + an additional 130 pages with 230 Black & White photographs and illustrations.


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